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Connecting with others allows us to build and maintain personal learning network (PLN).    This post is aimed at reflection  on the learning from Step 4 of Personal Blogging for Educators,


What do I think?


I learned that the twitter is an excellent resource for busy professionals.  Though I have joined twitter a while ago, I have not used its potential yet.  I am planning to change it by joining professional learning communities such as Explore MtBoS and GA Virtual Learning


Steve Wheeler’s Video:  3 Things you need to know about blogging!

 Steve's video was informative & reaffirmed that what I learned  from Kindergarten is true today.

1. Always choose Kindness
2. Use good humor & share constructive Criticism
3. Give credit to the source
4. You build, they may come


Freedly and Flipboard 

I like to receive my content in email so I can pursue it at my leisure.  While waiting for things, I like to knit or read.    I find Fipboard too noisy and Freedly unnecessary.  Therefore, I choose not to sign up for Freedly or Fipboard.


Et Cetera

Thank you for the step by step instruction.  I am learning about blogging one step at a time.  I have nothing but good things and a single question: How often the instructions are revisited  When I tried to set up my flipboard, it did not work due to different  directions  on Edublogs for using Flipboard.

Thank you.


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