Participate 4 – Digital Safety & Security

This post reviews best practices for Vigilance & Digital Safety while participating in the digital learning community.

Children in England sign over digital rights ‘regularly and unknowingly’Guardian


We teach our kids to be kind, look both sides of a street when crossing a road, guarding their privacy and being beware of the strangers.  We need to teach them that interacting in digital community requires same common sense rules and vigilance as in real world.  

World Economic Forum suggests that we teach children 8 digital Life skills:

8 digital life skills all children need We have talked about Netiquette and Digital Health in previous posts. I have created this artifact to Teach Students about Digital Safety & Security using Smore



How might my artifact be implemented in a learning environment?

The best way to implement this artifact in a learning environment is by listening to our kids, talking to them with respect (not patronizing tone) and using the EDGE method used in Boy Scouts of America.  Rather than preaching the students about digital vigilance, I will use the flyer as a jumping point and ongoing reminder.  I will educate/explain them about need of digital vigilance by posting the flyer in prominent place in my classroom and sharing it with colleagues.  The need for cyber safety & security will be stressed on via visiting resources such as common sense media and discussion of news including identity theft and cyber bullying. By practicing cyber vigilance in classroom as well as partnering with parents & colleagues we will allow the students exploration and ownership of digital vigilance.

This post is one of the series of post for Georgia Online Professional Training.  For this post I am creating an artifact that addresses the following:

  1. What is the most important steps we can take in terms of ensuring our digital safety?
  2. What strategies can we take to help our students consistently keep digital safety in the forefront of their minds?



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