Timeless Tales: Building Connections

Timeless Tales: 

The stories that stand taste of time.  They can be told in music, in writing or via arts.  We have an aural tradition of reciting tales for entertainment and for passing the knowledge.

In our community, Timeless Tales is a signature event where Friends of the Marshfield Public Library (FOMPL) raises $$ to make sure the community benefit by library events ranging from Tuesday Evening Lego to Adult Craft Night and Give kid a book and many more.  Each year, the Timeless Tales committee chooses literary pieces centered around a theme.  The musical pieces are performed interspersed with the readings.  The evening cumulates in community members mingling with one another, sampling desert and soft drinks provided by the refreshment committee.   As we are selecting pieces for this year’s event, I would like to invite you down a memory lane. Grab a seat and join me in an evening of Timeless Tales 2016 centered around Building Connections.  





Hope you enjoyed the event.  My favorite piece of this evening was ” Still here with us”, a poem by Maria Shriver.   Which is your favorite one?  Please share your thoughts in comments below.

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