If I Die

If I Die,

 Would you go on?

Like wisp of a willow

Or, would you hold together & Keep on walking

Keeping one foot in front of another

 Till the day we meet again?


If you die,

Would I die with you?

Lost amid sea of life without my anchor?

Or would I gather the broken pieces of my heart

     & keep on walking till I find you again?

Will we Perish or Go on?


We know the answer.

We will go on.


at one time

we would have walked …..

barefoot over the desert of hot sand

 to answer the call of each other

But No more.

Now, we have our kids to look after.


Slice of Life,  or this is my life?

Slice of Life


I am writing this post for Slice of Life challenge hosted by  Two Writing Teachers .   On Tuesdays, we write about small moments in life that brings us greater joys, at times  sorrow and a meaning.  You are invited to join too.  



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6 thoughts on “If I Die

  1. Your poem reminds me of a line in an Amy Lowell poem: “Do the dead speak? I have done so very long, so very long.”

    I think about death and loss constantly. Your questions and answeres resonate w/ me.

    • Glenda,

      I am glad we are connected via our feelings.

      The poem is an offering to my Superman who had in past drove for hours just to spend 10 minutes with me. Obviously, having kids requires us to put ourselves in back seat, at least till they grow up & spread their wings.

      Come and visit again.

      Wishing you Joy & Peace.


  2. Beautiful poem. It resonates with the thoughts I have been having since my husband went through quadruple bypass surgery in September. Although our kids are grown, we are at an age (60ish)when friends and colleagues are passing. It really changes how you look at life.

    • Rita,

      Thanks for visiting and giving feedback.

      How is your husband doing now? Hope he is in better health.

      I agree with you that as time passes, we look at life differently.

      Come again so we can converse again.

      Best wishes.


  3. This is so true. Time and change require different focus on our life. In my stage of life, empty nester, it seems other obligations would distract the call from the other. Maybe in the beginning it’s just the emormous pull of young love.

    • Patricia,

      You are right. With time and change, the definition of love changes. Initially, there is no responsibility toward others just us. Then the priorities changes and focus goes on kids and once again it comes back to us.

      Looking forward to visiting with you soon.

      Best wishes.


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