Mamma, Here For You

               Artist: AmilyShree Trivedi-Ziemba


MAMMA, Here for YOU


Looking at you, I knew.

Did Something happened?

Did someone harmed you? 

Did they let you go, at end of your first day?

What …. happened ….. I thought?

Who broke my bubbie’s hopes?


With tears held back, 

You said: 

“Mamma, the Boss’s Boss came & said 

I am too young for the job”.


What can I say?

My heart ached for you.

Before I step forward & give you a hug, 

You took charge,

Extended your hand, grabbed me for a hug

and said with a radiant smile

(reminding me of the sun peaking out from clouds

after torrential monsoon rain)

“Mamma, they did pay me.

Here.  This is for YOU.

The $$ I made, my first pay.

Use them Only for You, I love you“.




Slice of Life


I am sharing this post for Slice of Life challenge hosted by  Two Writing Teachers .   On Tuesdays, we write about small moments in life that brings us greater joys, at times  sorrow and a meaning.  You are invited to join too.  






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12 thoughts on “Mamma, Here For You

  1. Thanks for sharing this little moment – it was a hard but loving moment in the life of your child. Nice to be there for them!

  2. You’re writing voice is strong and captures this coming of age moment eloquently.

    Please turn off the anti-spam filter.

  3. Such an important moment to see how strong she is.

    Thanks for sharing this important slice of life with us today.

    WELCOME to our writing community.

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