Exploding Kittens?

Exploding KittenS?  Not today

EXploding KitteNS?   GO do your Homework.

EXPloding KittENS? Don’t you have a test Monday?

EXPLOding KitTENS? Is the room cleaning done?

EXPLODIng kiTTENS?  And who is getting late for the bed?

EXPLODINg KITTENS?  Let us wait for Sunday.


Yes, Go & get the game.  !!YE!!  Let us Play 🙂 



Slice of Life

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8 thoughts on “Exploding Kittens?

  1. This is a great slice format and captures that parent-child interaction perfectly! I just bought Exploding Kittens to play with my family over the holidays. I’m glad I knew what you were talking about ! lol

  2. Molly,

    This is an interaction between Awesome & me. He wanted to play Exploding Kitten for over a week when I keep putting it off. Then, one day it strike me that we expect kids to listen to us immediately while my ears were closed to his need for being a child. I was focused on his grades, his routine and running a tight ship while all he wanted to was being a kid.

    Yes, we played several rounds of exploding kittens. Then we ran out of time for reading. Joys of Life 🙂

    I visited your blog. I wonder was it a coincidence that you came across Andrew Wyeth’s stamp at the post office or was it destined to be?

    Let us keep slicing and sharing.

  3. I’ve never played, but one of my sons asked for this game for Christmas a few years back. I’ll have to check it out

    • Deb & Brian.

      For $19.99 it may be bit p<ricey compared to a buck for deck of cards but on the other hand it is a fun, had lot of jazz and has bang for your buck. . It can be played well in short time and kids can do lot of "Shabang" and sound effects.

      Go ahead & check it out or read the review from from http://www.boardgameresource.com

      I was hesitating to get the game because of its name; I have no regrets of buying it and will give a nod for it.

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