Life without an aim is like a ship without sails. Both will be pushed around whicheve way the wind blows; neither will reach their destination in time. -Kishorbhai Trivedi


My father is a wise man.  Long time ago, as we were walking around the market, he asked me,

“Beta, what is your goal?  What would you like to do with your life?”

A teenager me had no clue what I wanted to do besides be happy, have fun and read books.  My dad, the wise & kind man continue the conversation.  With a smile on his face and love in his heart he said:

Life without an aim is like a ship without sails. Both will be pushed around whicheve way the wind blows; neither will reach their destination in time. -Kishorbhai Trivedi


It is my turn to ask my teenagers,

“What is your aim in life? How are you achieving it?”


Peace (in living and sharing)


Beta = my child, my daughter, my son.  Beta is a term of endearment used by elders to younger person in


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9 thoughts on “Aim

  1. Sounds like your father was a wise man. I love this quote. I think I’ll add it to my collection of inspiration. Thanks for a wonderful slice this morning.

    • Paula,

      He is the most kind and giving person I know. He has this calm aura about him. His only requirement was that we are honest and authentic. He and my Mom are brave and self sacrificing. Yes, I am fortunate that they are growing old together and have both their wit & health intact.

      Thanks for the visit.

      I am looking forward to visiting your blog soon.

      Best wishes.


  2. What a great quote. Your dad’s question is one that I still ask myself periodically…and more recently since I’ve turned 50!

  3. Hi Purviben, What if you answered that yourself today with your children and your father and mother? It’s a great question to continue to answer. I’ve been asking that of myself now that I’ve retired. I know I want to help make the world better, by including more people and idea, not less.

    Your posts are inspiring. Sheri

  4. Molly, Sheri & Kevin (And everyone else)

    Did I know? Do I know?

    At one point in my life, all I wanted to do was be a good mom for my kids and be there for them. As they are growing up now, my answer is changing. I want to be a good person, a daughter my parents can talk without hesitation; while continue being a good mom to my munchkins, I want to make sure I make difference in my students’ lives as well as everyone who crosses my path. I am at the crossroad and no, I am not sure what is my aim at the moment. On one hand, I want to go to classroom and teach. On other hand, I want to dig deeper in my heritage. Hopefully, I will be able to combine both. I am using the slice of life and this blog to find myself per se.

    Thanks for asking the question I am asking myself.

    Peace (in self reflection and seeking the answers)


  5. This is a great quote. But a hard question for anyone, but teens especially to answer. I liked your answers in your reply above. And I think it’s important that our goals change as we grow and change. I’ll have to think about this a little and figure out what my goals are for the next part of my life.

  6. I appreciate your father’s view — useful compass for many at the right moment. Also made me think of Tolkien’s alternative take: “Not all who wander are lost.” Truths to be found in each perspective.

    • Brian,

      Once Shahrukh khan was being interviewed for a TVshow hosted by Anupam Kher. The Show title:Anything you think (and work toward is Possible.

      SRK was asked about his father & he shared following philosophy / words from his dad

      Jo karana hai woh karle,
      Nahi Karana toh koi baat nahi,
      Kyoki Jo kuch naho Karata Woh Kamal Karata Hai.

      I translate

      Do whatever fancy you, if you don’t feel like anything, do nothing. As one who does nothing does wonders.


      Best wishes.


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