Love, kindness, family



Kind, Joyful, Hopeful

Beating heart, bringing luck

Blessing to Family, friends, community, 

Sharing, caring, daring to be different.

Respect, Grace, Courage to live with freedom

Take charge, forge ahead, Honor thy parents

My beating heart, Listen.

The heartbeat of your child, your love.

Do you hear, the song of solitude?

Are you playing a catchy tune?

Be still, race ahead, stay rooted while soaring to sky

Be yourself. 

Before you can be anything else.



I am writing this post for March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  You are invited to join the reflective writing community too.




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6 thoughts on “Be

  1. Really. I love this. I like that you shared the picture too because that is how I first read it. Do you write in a notebook every day or was this something you just happened to write out?

    • Molly & Deb,

      My goal is to have an ongoing dialogue and reflection.


      The picture is a doodle I did for #JanDoodle #CLMOOC heart prompt.

      Re: Writing poems : I do have a notebook. We decorate it & make it a journal. For spending more time with kids, Amaze & I am Free writing together most days for 7 minutes. One of us comes up with a prompt and we write. Awesome chooses to doodle at this time & then harmonize his doodles while we share our writing.

      I am one of the people who is always writing in my head. I will be driving, cooking, studying and the ideas/ words comes rushing to me. No, I don’t write all of them down but should. At times, I could do better without them. So all the poems in my posts so far are written as I am typing. There are times ideas percolate for a ling time. e.g., I am sad for all school shootings but it hurts me way more that no one listened when my kids and thousands are like are killed each year in Chicago, Newark, Camden and barrios all across the nation; their deaths are seen as problem to shrug off / ignore. One of this days, the pain is going to write itself.

      What can I do rather than complaining about changing situation in Barrios? The answer is simple. Go back & teach.

      Thank you all for visiting, encouraging and continue the conversation.

      Heading your way.


  2. Love this. The piece that speaks to me to most and the loudest is… the title, “BE” …I need to just BE. Mark

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