Will you Choose Apple or Seeds?

University of Scouting is a full day event / conference where Scouts and adult leaders  develop leadership as well as personal skills.  During closing ceremony, Dean G. asked a question: 


Given a choice, What will you choose?  An Apple or Seeds?



What will you?

Did you choose?  What did you choose?

Did You choose Apple?  Good choice.

             You are looking at present and your needs now.

Did you choose Seeds? Excellent Choice.   

             Are you following steps of John Chapman? 

             Where are you spreading the seeds?

What?  You want both?  Really?

                You smart, smart one 🙂 


Slice of Life


This post is written for 11th Annual  Slice of Life Story challenge hosted by  Two Writing Teachers .   During whole month of March and on Tuesdays we will share a slice of our lives.  Please join too.  



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5 thoughts on “Will you Choose Apple or Seeds?

  1. I chose seeds. What does that mean? I was thinking, “Seeds mean growth, possibility, renewal.” Now I’m wondering if I should have picked apples. haha

  2. An interesting choice! Apple or seeds… At different points in my life I would have answered this differently. Right now, with uncertainty abounding, I’d probably opt for the apple. This could be an interesting conversation starter in my classroom.

  3. Power in seemingly simple symbols & questions. Reminds me of related party-game frame: Would you rather…?

  4. Brian K,.

    You are on the mark. Like Johnny Chapman AKA Appleseed, once who choose seeds, plant them AND nurture the young saplings to see it growing are visionaries and planners of future. Obviously you will choose seeds. You, my sir, is dedicated to planting seeds of imagination and see it grow. I will not accept anything else from you.

    You are scattering & nurturing seeds of knowledge for so long, it is a second nature for you to choose seeds.

    Me? Like Molly says, choice depends on situation and understanding why I am choosing. Wait a minute, I know in my bones, understand or not, I will always go for both. Look our for present and nurture the future.

    Incidentally, we have a 45 year old Apple tree that is older than our home and we planted several more apple trees last year. The Grandma Apple Tree gives abundance of apple for us to share & the new ones allows us to look forward to days when they will fruit.

    Best wishes.


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