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Paint n sip @ Library My Daughter n Me


Today, my daughter and I participated in an Adult Craft night paint-n-sip event at our local library.    This popular,  paint n sip event is offered on alternate months;  it has a waiting list.  The talented instructor provides step-by-step information to create an acrylic based painting while we sip soft drinks and create our masterpiece.  Thanks to Ms. B., the project coordinator at the library, all I had to bring was my daughter 🙂  and I was all set.   

It is fun to compare paintings from everyone at the end of the class.  No two paintings are alike.  Each person brings their individuality and artistry to the painting.    Let me show you the paintings from the artist -instructor & then look at mine above.  Fun ya?


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Now your turn to share.  

Have you participated in paint-n-sip party?  Would you like to share your creation?

What kind of  activities your local library offers to to its patrons?


Slice of Life

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge.  We slice each Tuesday and whole month of March.  Come and share your slice too.  Hashtag #Sol18







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7 thoughts on “Paint n Sip

  1. I’ve always thought it would be fun to participate in one of these, though I’ve never heard of one based at a library. I can just imagine the fun of comparing the paintings at the end and seeing the different personalities shining through. What a great evening for you and your daughter!

  2. It is a fun evening. The paint & sip at my library is funded by grant & donations from Friends of the Library among others. You may wish to talk to your library and see what they are offering.

    Initially, same people were signing up for classes but now it is so popular, we have a long waiting list giving different people opportunity.

    Once I had read that you can give same pallet and canvas to 17 different artists and each will create something different. Paint n sip class shows me that in action. Though we are creating same picture, we bring our own self into it. e.g., when we painted a tree, I brought a swing and weeping willow; my friend Kris went home & painted copper leaves to show falling leaves; Lisa had green grass at the bottom and so on. It is a positive, encouraging environment and Bethany, the program coordinator works very hard behind the scenes to make it a success.

    The best part is I get to see my kid while she is creating something. She has been placed in emerging artist exhibit couple of years and I have seen her finished products but to be with her while she is making something is different. I also learned that I need assurance from my teacher that I am doing well. Being student keeps me humble too. 🙂

    Thanks all around. 🙂

  3. I have never tried this, but another retired teacher from our district does it all the time and has begun inviting me to go along with her. I may have to try it sometime, although I always think I have no art skills and would be terrible at this.

    • Deb,

      Go. Please go. It is fun & low key.

      You will surprise yourself. My daughter notice that I ask the teacher if I am doing it right way more than other people.

      Even if you don’t believe it, you do have hidden art skills. Besides, instructor will go step-by-step and you will create a beautiful piece. I can’t wait for you to show me your creation.

      Please^15 go. It is a nice outlet and you will add your touches to it.


  4. As an early elementary student my mom sent me to a neighbor who taught art. I remember some of my paintings being pretty good. I don’t consider myself an artist. I would be willing to go with a girlfriend to try it out.

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