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Yesterday, while commenting on one of the Student Blogging Challenge 2018 blogs where I learned about Weavesilk.   It is interactive art where you sit back and enjoy the art your finger / mouse creates.  

The silk was made by Yuri Vishnevsky, with Music and sound crafted by Matt Jarvis.  The Weavesilk is also available as an app for iPad and iPhone.


Art created by



I bet this will be a nice distraction from grading papers or completing chores.  Now from reading books??  I am not so sure about.


Your turn to share your artwork using interactive tools.  

On a side note, Awesome informed me yesterday that pencil and paper are also interactive tools.  Clever boy!!




Slice of Life

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for inviting a community of teacher writers to share a slice of their life where we meet Tuesdays and each day during March to encourage and empower one another.  Why don’t you join us too?  Not sure?  Go ahead & hashtag #SOL18 or hop over to  the Slice of Life Challenge.



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7 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Weavesilk

  1. I love that you’re checking things out on student blogs and then investigating them yourself. Lifelong learner! 🙂

  2. I’ve seen kids use this or something like it, but I never asked it’s name.Now I know and might have to check it out!

  3. How cool to learn something new from students’ blogs! I especially love the line about how it will be a good distraction from grading papers or doing chores. 🙂

    • Natasha,

      The students know much more about online communications and presentations and can teach us about technology. I remember during my first year, Smart boards were new for me but some of my students were used to them from elementary school. They were happy to show me & I was glad for their assistance- a win-win situation.

      Weavesilk is soothing and yes, it may be distraction from grading papers (Like we need any more distractions:) )

      Best wishes.


  4. Thanks everyone for visiting and giving feedback. I really ^105 appreciate it.


    Kids have so much to teach us ya? Later today, my daughter taught me how to make snowflakes and other shapes on Weavesilk.

    Ms. Edwards (Grandma Sheri) creates such beautiful images using Sketchpad on ipad.

    Looking forward to visiting you all soon.

    Best wishes.


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