5 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Chilling out

  1. I’m happy to get a movie recommendation. I vegetated during spring break, too, which made going to work today painful.

    • Glenda,

      May I recommend another Hindi movie?


      Dangal means wrestling competition or wrestling arena. This movie is based on an Indian wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat who had to leave the sport to take care of family. The focus is on how he empowers his daughters Geeta and Babita by teaching them the sport.

      There are cinematic liberties with the story such as the coach is shown as a mean spirited, insecure person; Mahavir singh Phogat in the movie prefers boys over girls initially while in real life he valued both similar etc.

      In real life, Phogats are an Olympic level wrestling family now who have inspired legion of girls to take up the sport. Check the movie out and then if you wish watch this 12 minute video when two of the phogat sisters are facing each other.

      Best wishes.


  2. Ah, spring break! Isn’t it lovely to stay up late without worrying about suffering through the next day? Enjoy!!

  3. Despite language hurdles. I can sure see universal elements in this story with its colliding cultures. That shot with the girl in the hijab with her guitar on YouTube — wow!

    • Hello everyone,

      Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

      It is fun to chill out, stay late and enjoy the Spring Break. Kids like that they can wake up later. So little to make them happy 🙂 Amaze is a junior in high school so we are holding on all the time we can together.

      My apologies. I thought the trailer had Closed captions. Yes, the story can be set in any culture / time where man -despite being educated, in this case an engineer – is a closed mined abuser and treats female in his home like dirt. How the youth finds a way and silent strength of Mom and the beautiful relations portrayal makes this story apart.

      Best wishes.


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