Slice of Life 2019

Slice of Life Challenge 2019

March brings hope and life.  

Come and join the community of bloggers who supports one another and shares a slice of their life. 

What do you share?

Share your joys

Share your sorrows

Share your Concerns 

Share your Struggles

Share your triumphs

Come & Share

Slice of  your Life

While you are at it,

Take a moment to 

Enjoy Life through other’s eyes and their slice of life





Get a glimpse on others’ Slice of life

Go through this door and visit the link


Entrance Han van Hoof via Compfight





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2 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2019

  1. I love the door and the invitation to come and share! Sharing is what is at the heart of this incredible community.

    • Thanks Ramona.

      It is so nice for you to visit once again. Reading your posts are always a delight.

      Slice of Life challenge is my baby steps to get back to blogging and connecting.

      Looking forward to sharing with you and supporting one another.

      Best wishes.


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