Saturday Nap

Saturday Nap


Saturday naps  

In this era of no siesta & go-go-go

How I look forward to you 🙂 

Laundry be gone, 

Dishes are done, 

Meals are devoured 


Grades are checked.

Family time, rejuvenating

It’s time to take a nap

Before the week begin again.

Lesson Planning, gardening / snow shoveling, 

I will take care of you tomorrow.

Stop the clock

Before, going back to grind.

Take a nap. Saturday Nap 🙂 



I am writing this post as a series of post for 12th Annual March Slice of Life challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  You can find similar posts by searching for category Slice of Life or Hashtag #SOL19.  You are invited to join too.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Nap

  1. My 26 year old daughter is the queen of naps. She can take a two hour nap and then get up and go to bed. My husband is the king of power naps. He can sleep for 20 minutes and feel rejuvenated! Me, not either one!

    • Thanks for visiting. Queesn of naps versus Power naps 🙂 I see you take nighter leisure noe power naps.

      The best part of taking naps for me is the snuggles.

      Like yours, my daughter is also queen of naps. Our son does not want to nap but will be knocked out in 5 minutes if I have him lay down & don’t answer him.

      Growing up in small town in India, Summer naps was a tradition. The one which my kids have carried on today (unless the books / video games calls them).

      Until we meet again,

      Best wishes.

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