Tell Me

Tell Me


Tell me how can I go on, 

Take rest,

Get a job

Get good grades,

You can do it, 

You will excel, 

Just try hard, harder,

You will make it.”


Tell me how? 

I am only one.

There are all these classes, 

Then the masses, 

Training for games 


ACT / SAT > COllege Applications > Scholarship

Accepted / Wait ….listed /….

How do I choose?

What I have to lose?

Where is the gain?

Is their pain?

How do I know it?


Running from rain 

of expectations


Working, studying, playing,

How I am going to keep on going?

I am still a kid

and I feel a need

to scream and shout and get a hand out

Tell me, 


How can I go on, 

Why can’t I stop & breath.

Can’t life wait for me?

Will I waste it?

Will I make it?

Will you be proud of me?

Tell me. 

Tell Me.

Tell ME



TEll Me.

Tell Me

Tell Me.

Tell ME




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