Sunday Fun day

Yesterday, we attended Sonya Kovalevsky Day at UW Eau Claire.  In the evening we attended a fundraiser for Friends of the local Library. 

Fun?  yes.  Work-life balance?  Definitely.

Today is the crunch day.

I need to grade gazillian papers from all 6 of my classes AND prep lessons.  

  • Spend time with kids – Check
  • Papers Grades – None
  • Algebra lesson plans  – check
  • Intermediate Algebra  lesson plans – Check
  • College Algebra  lesson plans – Not started yet
  • Blog Post written and posted – almost check
  • Comments on March Slice of Life slicers  – Next item on agenda
  • Comments on Student Blogging Challenge bloggers – Not yet

It is already 10 PM.

I better get going and get on with my task completion. 

Sleep can wait, the students can’t 🙂 




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2 thoughts on “Sunday Fun day

  1. I live this struggle. I love taking time for myself but then the stress hits on the other end. Sundays are always my laundry, cooking, cleaning, lunch-packing day. When I am busy on that day with outside opportunities, I am a hot mess for the entire week!

    • Jennifer,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Yup, weekends flies in our home as well.

      with older kids, housework is shared. In our home, Saturday is run around and take care of home day with movie night. Sunday mornings are laid back then it is get ready for back to school along with outside activities. Juggling is thy name of family 🙂

      Come again.

      Best wishes.


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