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Who am I?

©Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba

I am a Mom, a Learner, an Educator


Who am I?  I am a Mom, a Learner, an Educator A 2nd daughter of a 2nd daughter  - an unneeded child but loved, recognized, and talked about as a wonder.
©Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba

I am a 2nd daughter of a 2nd daughter  –  an unneeded child but loved, recognized, and talked about as a wonder.

An Immigrant, a traveler, a reader, writer, artist, and mentor

Living in my own head – fitting in, yet feeling not doing enough

A homeowner, previously a renter


A Bibliophile, a non-drama Queen,

a person of cis-gender Some of the books I read in 2021

Half of a couple, who is loved abundantly yet wonders am I enough?

A Peacekeeper, a rebel, a muggle, a person of female gender

Dominant, marginal, on the border, a voice not to go under.


Who am I? 

I often wonder.          

©Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba

Am I a goof Mom?  A strict Mom? 

Have I done my part?

Knowing full well that regret is a river I rather not cross twice.

Accepting each win, learning from loss n mourning.

Moving a step at a time, stopping, fighting w time

Fighting against the crime of humiliation

A survivor, an almost kidnapped child,

A friend, a peer, a guide, a seeker, a mentor, a mentee

An aunt, sister, daughter, a wife n a mother,


Who am I?  Just a brown-toned individual?

Be Authentic
©Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba


Glad you asked. 

We are so much alike, both specimen of wonder.

A complex person.

I am Purviben.

Just like you, I am also a human,

One of many humans in this world we ALL call home.

What’s in a Name? You Ask.

What is in a name? You ask.

Not much and everything.

Is it the hill I want to die on?

Is the the reason I want to dig my heel in?


Would it have made a difference for Herman?

Would he have fame?

Would he have enjoyed the riches?

And not died heartbroken, a dockworker, a layman

an not so famous author?

If he had only chosen to name his narrator

Tito, Jimmy, John or Alex  rather than Ishmael


for Moby Dick?


Go ahead

Call me Corvette, not Purvi

TrIII ve DDDa not Trivedi

Call me Zaa EM ba, not Ziemba

Scramble up my name,

Call me a maa’m,

At end of the day,

I will remain the same.


But really,

would it be too much to ask

that you call me Purviben?


I am participating in the March Slice of Life challenge via the Two Writing Teachers site. The whole month of march, we blog and share little slices of lives- some we experience, some we find while walking around.  Would you like to join us too?



Stay a child


To my child(ren)


Kids sitting on porch, only their shoes is seen
©Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba


Summer afternoon,

Lazy, Breezy, Carefree.

Enjoy, Relax, Be a child.


Before long, the calendar will move the pages.

Summer will be gone


so will this carefree days.



A Child,  A Girl & A Boy  Little longer

Before Becoming A Woman, A Man

And shepherding the responsibilities.


a child little longer.

For me.



I am again participating in the March Slice of Life challenge via the Two Writing Teachers site. The whole month of march, we blog and share little slices of  lives- some we experience, some we find while walking around.  Would you like to join us too?




Knock brings a hole in my gut, a shard in my heart

Anxious, afraid, unsure yet with a resolve.

Tape, knock, bang on the door, are youn bent on ruinging my future.

Removing my padre from me casa?

ISIS, I am here to stay.

Not to be thrown away, like yesterday’s garbage

Ask me my value,


Me. The Future. The Dreamer. The Warrior. Knock away. I AM HERE TO STAY



Tell Me

Tell Me


Tell me how can I go on, 

Take rest,

Get a job

Get good grades,

You can do it, 

You will excel, 

Just try hard, harder,

You will make it.”


Tell me how? 

I am only one.

There are all these classes, 

Then the masses, 

Training for games 


ACT / SAT > COllege Applications > Scholarship

Accepted / Wait ….listed /….

How do I choose?

What I have to lose?

Where is the gain?

Is their pain?

How do I know it?


Running from rain 

of expectations


Working, studying, playing,

How I am going to keep on going?

I am still a kid

and I feel a need

to scream and shout and get a hand out

Tell me, 


How can I go on, 

Why can’t I stop & breath.

Can’t life wait for me?

Will I waste it?

Will I make it?

Will you be proud of me?

Tell me. 

Tell Me.

Tell ME



TEll Me.

Tell Me

Tell Me.

Tell ME




Slice of Life: Spring Break

Spring Break


Time to sleep late for a week

No Homework, No Rush

Breath easy Life is Lush


No 4 minutes between one class to next

No gulping lunch in a quarter of an hour

No classes merging into one another

No homework to be buried under

It’s going to be fun n wonder.


Oh! Lovely, Lovely Spring Break

How I need you, 

What will I do?

Watching Netflix, playing games,

Staying late n sharing fruit gems

Reading books without any shame.

Jumping with joy,

Playing with my toys.


Yes, Fun. Fun. Fun.

Dreaming, Swimming, 

Building, Sculpting, 

Nope! No Cleaning!


Walking in the woods,

Singing in tunes,

Making no Kahoots

& Listening to the Hoots


Spring Break, Spring Break.

Stay longer, o Spring Break,

So I can have some slack.


I have plans with my friends,

We are going to conquer the land,

Skyrim, Fallout4, MineCraft and Whatnot,

Spring Break you unite us.


Hide! Hide! 

Here Comes Mommy

With her list of things.


    © Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba


Molly Hogan, Thank you for always encouraging & inspiring me.  I am using your words- copying & pasting below:

Slice of LifeA huge Thank You to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create and amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and Grow.








Slice of Life: Cross out n Create

I believe it was Margaret Simon who wrote cross out poems with her students.   One of my goals for participating in Slice of Life challenge is to stretch myself and grow. With that in mind, here is my humble attempt to write a stanza for a cross out poem that is a message to self using feedback on one of my assignments. 


Design your reflection to locate present

Do a fantastic job to balance components

Create visuals, promote learners


Now your turn to share your poem.


Peace (in creating)

Slice of Life

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting Slice of Life challenge where community of reflective writers meet every Tuesday and for whole month of March to encourage & learn from one another.  You are invited to join too.




Love, kindness, family



Kind, Joyful, Hopeful

Beating heart, bringing luck

Blessing to Family, friends, community, 

Sharing, caring, daring to be different.

Respect, Grace, Courage to live with freedom

Take charge, forge ahead, Honor thy parents

My beating heart, Listen.

The heartbeat of your child, your love.

Do you hear, the song of solitude?

Are you playing a catchy tune?

Be still, race ahead, stay rooted while soaring to sky

Be yourself. 

Before you can be anything else.



I am writing this post for March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  You are invited to join the reflective writing community too.




Does my mother knows of my Despair?

As parents, we wish our kids’ to do better than us.  We want them to excel in life.   In our quest of a legacy, to have a secure future for our progeny, have we stopped and ask them what they want?


Drop whatever you are doing.  Be still and listen to this unspoken plea.  Yes, it is written by me but it comes from many kids.

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Feel free to share this but make sure to give the credit & link to this post.  Thank you.

Slice of Life I am writing this post for Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  We write & post each Tuesday and whole month of March. Come join us.

Thank you Kevin, for introducing me to plethora of experiences, including Two writing Teachers and connected learning MOOCs.




Mamma, Here For You

               Artist: AmilyShree Trivedi-Ziemba


MAMMA, Here for YOU


Looking at you, I knew.

Did Something happened?

Did someone harmed you? 

Did they let you go, at end of your first day?

What …. happened ….. I thought?

Who broke my bubbie’s hopes?


With tears held back, 

You said: 

“Mamma, the Boss’s Boss came & said 

I am too young for the job”.


What can I say?

My heart ached for you.

Before I step forward & give you a hug, 

You took charge,

Extended your hand, grabbed me for a hug

and said with a radiant smile

(reminding me of the sun peaking out from clouds

after torrential monsoon rain)

“Mamma, they did pay me.

Here.  This is for YOU.

The $$ I made, my first pay.

Use them Only for You, I love you“.




Slice of Life


I am sharing this post for Slice of Life challenge hosted by  Two Writing Teachers .   On Tuesdays, we write about small moments in life that brings us greater joys, at times  sorrow and a meaning.  You are invited to join too.  






If I Die

If I Die,

 Would you go on?

Like wisp of a willow

Or, would you hold together & Keep on walking

Keeping one foot in front of another

 Till the day we meet again?


If you die,

Would I die with you?

Lost amid sea of life without my anchor?

Or would I gather the broken pieces of my heart

     & keep on walking till I find you again?

Will we Perish or Go on?


We know the answer.

We will go on.


at one time

we would have walked …..

barefoot over the desert of hot sand

 to answer the call of each other

But No more.

Now, we have our kids to look after.


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