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Come visit with me, Call me, text me, connect with me when I am alive. What use is your respect to me , when I am no more?



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#SOL 18

Educator Personal Blog Challenge

Why did I join the Teacher Personal Blog Challenge?

Being away from classroom for a while has eroded some of my self-esteem.  There are questions in my mind:

Question in my Mind

Am I relevant any longer?

Do I know enough?

Am I still capable to deliver the instruction in fun & focused way to increase my students learning?

Will I keep up with changing environment where even Kindergartners uses personal learning devices & flip learning is the name of the game?



There are steps I need to take before I go back to classroom.  By accepting the Teacher Personal Blog Challenge, I am taking baby steps to build my “teaching muscles”.  This challenge will allow me to

  • Replenish my teacher tool kit
  • Connect with other like minded individual / group in safe environment
  • Build & maintain Personal Learning Network
  • Recognition & constructive criticism for my ideas
  • Help me with my quest of being the best version  of myself


I am glad you are traveling me with a little in my voyage.  Let us share some thoughts and make the journey pleasant for all of us.