What’s in a Name? You Ask.

What is in a name? You ask.

Not much and everything.

Is it the hill I want to die on?

Is the the reason I want to dig my heel in?


Would it have made a difference for Herman?

Would he have fame?

Would he have enjoyed the riches?

And not died heartbroken, a dockworker, a layman

an not so famous author?

If he had only chosen to name his narrator

Tito, Jimmy, John or Alex  rather than Ishmael


for Moby Dick?


Go ahead

Call me Corvette, not Purvi

TrIII ve DDDa not Trivedi

Call me Zaa EM ba, not Ziemba

Scramble up my name,

Call me a maa’m,

At end of the day,

I will remain the same.


But really,

would it be too much to ask

that you call me Purviben?


I am participating in the March Slice of Life challenge via the Two Writing Teachers site. The whole month of march, we blog and share little slices of lives- some we experience, some we find while walking around.  Would you like to join us too?