March is National Reading Month. 

Woo Hoo.

Did I say, once upon a time we lived in New Jersey, the Garden State, whose winters can give the Wisconsin winters run for their money?  Amaze and I read all the time, OK I read, she participated as she was a itty bitty bubbie.  She loved to be read to and asked a gazillion questions about what we were reading.  So when I had another munchkin and I was packing for the move to several states over, I needed to find ways where her love of reading will continue.

Guess what did I find?  Storylineonline.  A treasure trove of stories read by celebrities who are members of the Screen Actors Guild.  Oh! How I love them still. We listened from wide variety of readers including Darth Wedder AKA James Earl Jones and  Vice-President Al Gore who I bet had read many many stories to his kids.  May I share couple of them?  Thank you.

No Mirrors in My Nana’s House

Author: Ysaye M. Barnwell

Illustrator: Synthia Saint James

Read by: Tia & Tamara Mowry 


This is a book based on a song.  I like the questions Tia & Tamara asks: “If there were no mirrors in the house, will there be less stereotyping?”.  I think “No mirror in my nana’s house” means  Grandma’s home = acceptance & non-judgement. This book is special and you may find us humming the bars from the song at random times.    

Bad Case of Stripes

Author & Illustrator: David Shannon

Read by: Sean Astin

A book read by Sam Gamgee?

Added bonus: the book teaches kids to not be swayed by others AND eat their Lima Beans 🙂 

Hope you like these stories.   Now your turn to reflect, give feedback and share.


Slice of LifeI am writing this post for11th Annual  Slice of Life Story challenge hosted by  Two Writing Teachers .   On Tuesdays and During whole month of March, we will share a slice of our lives.  You are invited to join too.