Slice of Life: Today

Today is the easy, breezy day.  The Spring Break is coming to end soon; 3 more days before back to school and the routines.

Sharing a Slice today is important but difficult.  Is it because the month is ending and we know we are almost parting or is it because my mind has 20 different things I want to share?

Here is what we did today: 


Read books 

Made Journals

Visited blogs & shared feedback 

Tasted first batch of Maple Syrup.  Ye! 

Carted buckets of maple sap 



Homemade PizzaTomorrow, we will collect more maple sap, clean home and color the Easter eggs. For now, we are going to sit back and enjoy the homemade pizza, made by the Superman.

What are YOU up to this evening?  I wish you a quiet, peaceful evening or do you rather prefer a rumbustious one?




Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life challenge where community of reflective bloggers can meet and share their meanderings every Tuesday & during the month of March.  Like Mr. Rogers says, it is a good neighborhood.  Won’t you come & join us too?

Slice of Life