It is snowing, there is going to be ice storms today & tomorrow.  It is early.  Too early to worry about shoveling the snow or driving in yucky weather.  Let me get a wink.  Soon I will have to drive the kids to school, Marshfield doesn’t believe in closing schools for a mere ice storm warning.  Just yesterday, the kids were talking about how everyone else around us closes because of snow when they have to go to school.  Our school district sure puts premium on education.  After All, we have a reputation to maintain. 


The phone is ringing in the kitchen. Brrrinngg, Brring, Briing.  I HATE the noise.  Is it one of the 50 alarms? An email from colleague? Call from someone?  To my sleepy head, in the  hours of the morning, all sounds emanating from the phone sounds like a crashing train, uninvited & intruding on my peaceful morning.  My pink noggins screams out: “Let us just ignore it & hide in the comforters.  Why leave the warm, comfy bed and step on cold cold floor?  I will check the phone later.”


We finally get out from our comfy beds & I dragged myself to sink to the coffee machine to mirror.  Morning is going quickly.  We need to keep going or we will be late.


Amaze is ready for the day. Where is Awesome?  Oh! he is ready too?  Good.  Like me, Awesome is not a morning person.   He unplugged his iPad from the charger, walked around looking for a hug and misplaced his iPad.  Sigh!  My word of the year, Nonjudgement, leaves with my words flying unfiltered.  “Why can’t you be organized? Everyday! Grow up child…” The hunt for iPad is on.  “Look in your bookbag.  Look in the drawers.  Is it still plugged in?”  Finally, as the clock is ticking, his sister is getting annoyed with idea of being late, we are telling him to leave home without the iPad, him reminding us that it is essential for English class….The iPad is found.  Under his jacket, on top of his sister’s bookbag. Thank God!!


It is  7:20 already.  Book bags, check. Lunch boxes, check. Kids, in the truck, mama right behind.  Lets go, lets go or we will be late.   I am on autopilot. The traffic is light.  No waiting in line.  Thank God for small miracles.  We are at the Middle School.  No Detention for Awesome.  Amaze will be on time too.   It is 28 degrees, but with wind chill it feels like 4 degrees.  Dashboard is blinking 7:30.  He is early, YAY! 


There is time. Amaze runs out to tell him to grab school breakfast.   They both come running back, laughing,  yelling SHOTGUNNN. 


“Hi, what happened?” I ask, still on my first cup of coffee.


“Ask the principal,”  Bud says, “He told me..



                            Image: © School District of Marshfield


Dang! I should have checked my phone & listened to the message.  




Slice of Life



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