Going to National Rube Goldberg Competition

We are going to Nationals! 


Setting up Rube Goldberg Machine at Regionals
Setting up Rube Goldberg Machine at Regionals Image © Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba


The students, guided by coach C,  worked hard  almost every school day during WIN (New name for RTI) and an hour after that.  They sacrificed many, many saturday mornings.  I am the new member of team.  I stepped in when the other coach left for a new job over the holidays.  Students’ enthusiasm and teamwork resulted in…..

Drumroll time…….

Winning the Regional Rube Goldberg Competition.  Ye!! 

Indiana, here we come for Nationals.

Let’s go for 2019 National Rube Goldberg Championship.

Won’t you cheer us on?

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