Beautiful, Exotic & Unique                         Needs Nurturing or It will Wither 

  My blog on best practices for teaching, learning and being the best teacher for our students is created as a requirement for Georgia Online Professional Teaching Course.    I will also share a slice of my life with you on this blog.


Meet Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba


  • Mom, Educator & Learner
  • Crisis Text Online Counselor
  • Student Blog Challenge 2017 Mentor
  • Adult Scout Leader
  • Novice Gardner
  • Serial Crafter


  • GA Teaching Certificate: Middle Grade Mathematics & Science, Secondary Science
  • Gifted Endorsement
  • Crisis Text Online Counselor

Superpower I seek

  • Being a Better Mom
  • Sharing Joy of Reading, Math & Wonders of science
  • Growing & Sharing my Vegetable garden


I am a Mom, an Educator & a Life-long Learner. I like to cook for my family, doing crafts with my kids and talking to friends, family & strangers alike. I am a bibliophile, lover of telenovas and a novice gardener. There is no bigger joy for me than a smile of a child & twinkle in his or her eyes upon Aha moment of learning a skill or overcoming a difficulty. I am a multipotent: my specialty of the moment is knitting scarves and talking walks. Come for a visit, stay for joy.  If you use any content form this blog, please make sure to give credit & place a link to the original post.  Leave a comment & share your thoughts, ideas & constructive criticism.

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