Participate 1 – Ideal Digital Learning Communities

This is Third post in a series for Participate Module of the Georgia Online Teacher Training.  In the first two posts, we explored Character Traits of an Exemplary Digital Citizen (EDC) and Joining an ideal Digital Learning Community (DLC).   The goal of this post is to consider following questions regarding an ideal digital learning community:

  1. What would be needed to create an ideal digital learning community?
  2. What would be needed to bring such a vision to fruition?
  3. What can one do to make an existing DLC more attractive to and welcoming for students and teachers?


An ideal DLC will be reputable and knowledgeable,  geared toward specific content and will provide constructive feedback to the learners in a timely manner.  It will come to fruition by having interconnectedness among connected educators, empowered students & adherence to guidelines and laws of the community.  The ideal DLC needs exemplary digital citizens united by a common goal.  By providing excellent service at no cost to the students, following national guidelines for the content and the helping its members with well designed personal learning network, the ideal DLC will be attractive to & welcoming to the stakeholders.  Khan Academy and Google Educator Groups are two of the examples of ideal DLC serving needs of  students and educators respectively.  

Ideal DLC is interconnected

Lets us break down each of the components of this interconnected community.


The Connected Educators will have a well developed personal learning network which they will broaden to be the best version of themselves.

  • They are student-centered educators. They will have content mastery, global perspective & empathy for their students. They will be firm & fair; will hold their students to highest expectations & provide students necessary tools to succeed.
  • They will have through knowledge of  state and national standards for the subject & grade bands they are teaching.
  • They will continue professional development via collaborations with colleagues from same building as well as from across the globe. They will seek out the opportunities & mentors as well as will be willing to mentor other educators & and students alike.


Empowered students will be provided with well constructed resources, accurate material and an easy access to the content.

  • They will be given clear guidelines & goals for the content being studied.  The education will be tailored a student’s needs.  Hands-on activities requiring critical thinking skills as well as learning of the fundamentals will be the norm.
  • They will have an opportunity for self-paced, individualized learning as well as collaboration and group work.  The lessons will be for specific topics rather than a broad survey of the content. .
  • They will have access to free digital learning, instant feedback and clearly defined assignments.  They will earn achievement badges and grades as learning is progressed.  


Laws & Clear Guidelines will be be provided for each member of the community. 

  • The guidelines will be based on national standards for the content.  
  • The clearly defined guidelines will allow a learner to know if he needs progress, is continuing learning or have achieved the content mastery. A learner will receive grades and / or awards upon achievements and consequences for noncompliance to the guidelines. 
  • The laws will be aimed to protect the citizens from harm & provide proper credit.  The digital citizen will be expected to know the laws governing the community. 




Creating This Blog


Welcome to my blog.

Though I have often think of creating a blog, it had remained just a wishful thinking and ideal thought till today. I am creating this blog as a requirement for Georgia Virtual Learning Open Online Teacher Training. I chose to create my blog on edublogs as it was easy to navigate and manage. I will write this blog from perspective of an educator, a learner & Mom of my Awesome, Amazing kiddos.

As a mom, I want my kids to do their very best regardless of if they choose to be a bricklayer or a neurosurgeon. As a teacher, I want each one of students – the whiz kids and the struggling learners- to experience little successes so they can build on them. Being a student not only keeps my brain sharp, it allows me to keep things in perspective. When I am sitting on other side of the desk, as a student I experience the anxiety and uncertainty of waiting for the grade after submitting an assignment. As a learner, I experience joy of the light bulb moment and euphoria of acknowledgement from my mentor. Being a student allows me to empathize with my struggling student. My struggling to learn a front stroke in swimming is not any different than a kid leaning to master fraction, Na?

Therefore, once again I am a student, a learner, a seeker of new knowledge. I want to do well, get good grades and learn just like all the students in our classes. I want to add in my knowledge toolbox. There are some assignments I will sail through, while for several I will have hard time comprehending and will need assistance. At times, I will agree enthusiastically, while other I will ask what purpose this assignment serves? I will ask for guidance, look for collaboration, dance with joy upon succeeding and shake my head in frustration when struggling.

You, my reader, are an important voice in my journey. We can engage in positive dialogue with respect and without any negativity. Feel free to give a feedback and come back often.

Best wishes.

Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba