Too many Widgets, which ones to Choose?

This post is created as a reflection on Step 5 of Educator Professional Blog Challenge, working with widgets

Step 5: Working with Widgets



While adding Google Translator widget to my sidebar, I learned that when embedding a code, I need to copy & paste the code in text box of side bar, save it & then close the textbox.   Failing to close the textbox and just saving the embedded code will result in the code being posted on sidebar instead of the Google Translator widget.  Hmmm! Who knew, not following a simple step in the direction will result in a headache!  Guess, I have to learn some stuff hard way!

Adding twitter widget, in timeline mode may not be wise for brevity.  I need to go back & explore to adjust the settings so only selected / favorite tweets will appear on sidebar.



There are too many many widgets to choose from.  I wish to share a thought provoking  and clutter free blog with you.  Therefore, I have to pick and choose which widgets to keep & which to fondly remember.   Some of the widgets had to go but which ones?   Avatar, and about me with an image fell on sword of delete button and get annihilated.   Posts, Categories, links & Tag Cloud were able to plead their case & succeeded to stay on sidebar for now.  After visiting several blogs, subscribe to the blog via email and Google translator won prominent places.  Though I needed to upgrade the blog to Pro in order to add Subscribe me widget, the $$ I spend is worth it.


Show & Tell:

After learning about what is widget, how to enhance the functionality of e-portfolio by adding widgets and judicial use of widgets, I have decided to create a Prezi to share my must have widgets with you.





In process of creating widgets for my blog, I visited several blogs.  I am sharing with you three of  the uncluttered, visually appealing blogs from colleagues with solid content with hope that just like me, you will also benefit by visiting them.  Notice how each of these educators have proudly displayed their professional learning badges to validate their expertise.


I liked double sidebar, one with blogroll & professional achievements second with everything else, of Cindy’s blog, 


Dan Galagher have used Google Plus image and Visitor map in his almost whimsical blog  A tech perspective ….or something like that.  I  liked how he is always teaching; he invites us for  professional learning opportunity by adding an active image to virtual reality boot camp on his blog.As I am mentoring students in 100 word challenge, and Student blogging challenge, I would like to learn how to add live links.


Finally,  Sue Fitzgerald of unpretentious librarian shows us how give snippets of blogs she likes to visit by her choice of widget.


Thank you for visiting with me.


After visiting with me, I hope you will choose to visit some of the blogs I mentioned in this post.  As always, let me know what you like & how I can improve.


Creating This Blog


Welcome to my blog.

Though I have often think of creating a blog, it had remained just a wishful thinking and ideal thought till today. I am creating this blog as a requirement for Georgia Virtual Learning Open Online Teacher Training. I chose to create my blog on edublogs as it was easy to navigate and manage. I will write this blog from perspective of an educator, a learner & Mom of my Awesome, Amazing kiddos.

As a mom, I want my kids to do their very best regardless of if they choose to be a bricklayer or a neurosurgeon. As a teacher, I want each one of students – the whiz kids and the struggling learners- to experience little successes so they can build on them. Being a student not only keeps my brain sharp, it allows me to keep things in perspective. When I am sitting on other side of the desk, as a student I experience the anxiety and uncertainty of waiting for the grade after submitting an assignment. As a learner, I experience joy of the light bulb moment and euphoria of acknowledgement from my mentor. Being a student allows me to empathize with my struggling student. My struggling to learn a front stroke in swimming is not any different than a kid leaning to master fraction, Na?

Therefore, once again I am a student, a learner, a seeker of new knowledge. I want to do well, get good grades and learn just like all the students in our classes. I want to add in my knowledge toolbox. There are some assignments I will sail through, while for several I will have hard time comprehending and will need assistance. At times, I will agree enthusiastically, while other I will ask what purpose this assignment serves? I will ask for guidance, look for collaboration, dance with joy upon succeeding and shake my head in frustration when struggling.

You, my reader, are an important voice in my journey. We can engage in positive dialogue with respect and without any negativity. Feel free to give a feedback and come back often.

Best wishes.

Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba