Sunday Fun day

Yesterday, we attended Sonya Kovalevsky Day at UW Eau Claire.  In the evening we attended a fundraiser for Friends of the local Library. 

Fun?  yes.  Work-life balance?  Definitely.

Today is the crunch day.

I need to grade gazillian papers from all 6 of my classes AND prep lessons.  

  • Spend time with kids – Check
  • Papers Grades – None
  • Algebra lesson plans  – check
  • Intermediate Algebra  lesson plans – Check
  • College Algebra  lesson plans – Not started yet
  • Blog Post written and posted – almost check
  • Comments on March Slice of Life slicers  – Next item on agenda
  • Comments on Student Blogging Challenge bloggers – Not yet

It is already 10 PM.

I better get going and get on with my task completion. 

Sleep can wait, the students can’t 🙂 




Ready, Steady, Go


The school starts in two days.  The kids are ready to embark on a new school year.  Some things are new while others are the same.  With 1 student, 1 iPad initiative, the books are being replaced with technology.  On the other hand, just like in our time, the school day starts way way early. Kiddos need to get on bus by 6:45 AM and start the school by 7:45 AM.  Sleepy kids? Hungry kids?

First day flutters?

After a break, I am going back to classroom.   From being away from classroom, I am teaching 4 levels of Algebra- from pre-Algebra to college Algebra.   It will be fun & challenging year with 7 classes of high school mathematics scholars.   I am excited and want to be the best teacher my students deserve.  First day flutters are normal & understandable.  I have wonderful peers and good support system.  Everyone at the new school is graceful, helpful & inviting. Thanks #Loyalproud.

My goal is to share my journey with all of you.  Come back & visit me. Share your experiments, trials & tribulations with me. Together, we will make sure our kids get the best education to thrive in classroom & life.

What are you teaching this year?

Are you ready for the first day of school?  What have worked for you before?



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