Deep Thoughts from A Mother


Deep Thoughts from A Mother

Sitting at my desk,

Not the desk.

Is it just a table?

is it even mine?

Glass table

Fragile  fragile  functional

Cuttered  Cluttered  Cramped…

Just like my life.



I wrote Deep thoughts of a Mom for 5-day writing challenge from EthicalELA  Come and join us for this month or next.  Share your thoughts, share your passion.  Let our voices be heard.

The title was suggested by by son.  I created the poem and then asked him, what should I call it.  Hmm.






Slice of Life: My Overprotective kids n Me

My kids are …..



….OVERPROTECTIVE and it drives me nuts.


Our daughter sometimes thinks she is my mom not other way around.

I am taking this Georgia Professional Learning Class to add to my GA teaching certificate.  Like my students, I want to make sure my work speaks for itself.  Studying during quiet of night, I often lose track of time.  The 5 more minutes turns in to 2 more hours.  Often, for a while our daughter sits next to me and watches Netflix / studies and bugs me to go to bed.  Sweet ya?  Not really 🙂 

To remedy my staying up late, my kid made this sign for me.


Make sure Mom goes to bed by 10 PM

Role reversal anyone?


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Slice of Life

My Six Word Memoir

Can I sum up my life in six words? 

Actually, I can in three. 

I am a Mom, an Educator & a Learner.   Rest of is just gravy. 


Presenting my six word Memoir


Mom, Educator, Learner That's my lifestory



That’s it?  Nothing more?


Hmmm!  There is a bit more to me.


Here it is: 



What is your six word memoir? 

Would you like to share it with me in the comments below?