Today is the day

Today is The Day to make a list and check it twice.  Once I submit this week’s assignments, very first class of Marriage and family Therapy will be in the books.  wow! 


Today is the day to tackle the laundry and start a war on clutter.

Is today the day to go out and shop for more?

Would it be tacking Corona or hording more?

Today is the way to make decision.

Do I need to spend 2 hours browsing or spend it  on whatever?

Today is the day for the family supper, 

Today is definitely the day to cook the supper (and not the goose).

Today is the day to submit that paper

Today is the day to be me, just the version that is better.



#Sol20, #Today

I am again participating in the March Slice of Life challenge via the Two Writing Teachers site. The whole month of march, we blog and share little slices of  lives- some we experience, some we find while walking around.  Would you like to join us too?




Knock brings a hole in my gut, a shard in my heart

Anxious, afraid, unsure yet with a resolve.

Tape, knock, bang on the door, are youn bent on ruinging my future.

Removing my padre from me casa?

ISIS, I am here to stay.

Not to be thrown away, like yesterday’s garbage

Ask me my value,


Me. The Future. The Dreamer. The Warrior. Knock away. I AM HERE TO STAY



Life of Service


Start and keep on going till reaching the goal or taking a detour



Yesterday, I talked about the need to take first step & start on a path rather than wishing for a lofty goal.  Sometimes after starting and going on for a while, we may choose to take a detour or go on a hiatus for various reasons.  When we decide to get back in the game, we may think:

  • What should I do? 
  • Is it too late?
  • Do I have what it takes or have I missed the bus?
  • Should I rejoin the game or sit out & pout?

Why am I even writing about this?  Well, I am sharing my thoughts with you while finding answers for myself.   I am at a crossroads where I need to start on a path, even if it requires detours after only 2 steps.  As I am mulling over my choices, I came across this TED Talk – Ek Nayi Soch hosted by ShahRukh Khan.  Let us grab a cup of coffee and watch it together.  After that, we can talk about Dr. Dhillon, her life of service and others remarkable people like her.  She sure is an inspirational lady.





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Book Review: Add One More Star to the Night

My goal for 2018 is to read 100 books. 

I enjoy picture books and read them by dozens. 

What kind of picture books you ask?  Which authors? 

Here is one of them.


If you're afraid of the Dark, Add one more start to night


Painting a star in the sky!! Rather than cursing the darkness, let us shine a light.  Good idea, ya?  Cooper Edens dances on his own drum while encouraging us to skip along when encountering bumps in the road. His If you’re Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow and follow up If you’re Afraid of the Dark, Add one More Star to the Night are so full of joy, humor and sheer hope that I have to share the later with you. 



If you can't find your marbles, enlarge the game

“If you can’t find your marbles….

                                                                 enlarge the game.”



How many times we find ourselves lost, discouraged  and shaking our head with perceived constraints?  How about rather than looking at our or others deficiency, we expand our game & look at new ways to solve the problem or creating whole new ball game? 



If your rabbit has trouble finding you...practice your carrot calls

“If your rabbit has trouble finding you

                                                           practice your carrot calls”



Yup! If I forget everything else, let me remember the rabbit call. Let me meet my students, my kids where they are. Let me make sure I am enticing them to learn by providing fun opportunities not just the shackles of standardized test.  Rather than blaming social media, let me watch YouTube videos my kids like & discuss them. Go where my kids’ interests are rather than asking them to follow my choices.  Let them teach me MineCraft, Terraria & I can teach my kids via games not just books & lectures. Let me practice my rabbit call and keep tweaking it.


Your turn: Share a book that tugs at your heart & fills you with hope in comments below.


Peace & Joy (in Reading & getting lost in a book)





Digital Bookmarking: Breezy or hazy?


We, the educators & parents expect that our students, our children will grasp the content quickly & will have a deep knowledge of the subject. some of our students lag, despite following curriculum guidelines, providing differentiated education & personalized learning.  We try to accommodate & reflect: What do I need to do? Am I teaching too fast?  Is the material too hard? What can I do so all of my students will love the subject & not think of it as a bore? Have you ever thought what if the shoe was on the other foot? Would you grasp the knowledge as fast as my students? Being a non-native digital citizen, would I flourish or flounder?  Let me share slice of my search for tagging & annotating bookmarks for a class I am taking for GA Virtual Professional Learning.


A simple device that enhances our reading pleasure.  Who among us have not used it?  Are you reading a book & need to stop?  Bookmark the page.  Don’t have a bookmark available? Please do not fold the page.  Yes, you may use a receipt, piece of thread, a hairpin or even scrap paper for a bookmark.

In a physical book, a bookmark is used as a place holder.  But we, as a society no longer use physical books as our reading source.  Now a day, we read on Kindle, hop on web for search and stay connected through social media.  Is the bookmark still relevant? Yes, it is.  Now more than ever before, we use digital bookmarks for place holder in our meandering on the web.  With a click of a button, we find our information and from there we hop around to gather more knowledge as our fancy takes us.  What if we need to come back to a page we liked?  What if we want to avoid searching for that page repeatedly?  Well, to aid us in our search for pages we have liked, we use bookmark tool.  For

Using bookmark tool is relatively easy.  In most browser, when we like a page we are reading & want to bookmark it, all we should do is click on the star in search bar & Voila! We bookmarked the page.  Depending on the browser and extensions, we can put this bookmarks in folders, tag them or annotate them.  Easy, right?  Not so much for this Digital non-native.

Creating the bookmark was piece of cake for me; tagging & annotating, not so much. I found that google bookmark manger does not allow me to share it publicly. I also failed in my search how to annotate or tag a Google Bookmark after spending a considerable amount of time. So I headed to Firefox Bookmark manager. direction, I was able to import & tag my bookmarks from Chrome.  Annotation?  I am still scratching my head.

That brings me to Symbaloo.  An excellent social bookmarking site.  I created a Symbaloo Webmix. I found out that if I add bookmark extension, I give Symbaloo permission to add or change data. So again, no annotation on Symbaloo for me.  My goal was to bookmark with tag & annotations. I can tag but need more research on how to annotate a bookmark. It will have to wait for another day.




So what did I learn? I learned that my students may be confused, need more time or just zoom through when presented with new information.  I need to give them time & truly personalized the learning. I also learned that at times forging ahead is the only choice & web makes it easy.  Finally, I realized that hard learned lesson will bring joy to all learners, including me.