Student Blogging Challenge 2017


Student Blogging Challenge


The best way to learn something is by teaching & mentoring someone else in the subject.  As a novice blogger, I accepted the challenge to be a mentor for  Student Blogging Challenge 2017 with dual goals of improving my blogging skills while empowering student bloggers.  According, over 10 week period,  the Student Blog Challenge connects student bloggers with global audience.  Second goal of the Blog challenge is supporting teachers with their classroom blog challenge.’

In this cycle of the challenge, I will be mentoring 5 student bloggers with different interests, abilities and common goal of improving their blogging skills.

Koizer will be blogging about sports & video gaming at

If you like to read along with playing video games, please visit Kylene’s blog

Zan, a foodie,  is a outdoor sportsman and a serious video game player. You can visit him at

Ryan is planning to share food & his love of basketball with you in

Finally, Haley will talk with you about many interesting things.  To find out which ones, come & visit her blog

Thank you for visiting the blogs.  Make sure to leave constructive comments following the commenting guidelines.  

Happy visiting.




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2 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge 2017

  1. Ms. Christensen,

    Thanks for your graceful feedback.

    I am looking forward to joining your educator blog challenge once I complete Georgia Virtual Learning class.

    Please continue to visit my blog & giving me the feedback.

    Best wishes.

    Mrs. Trivedi-Ziemba

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