As a novice blogger, I have joined Teacher Personal Blogging Challenge.


Teacher = mentor.  => During Fall 2017,  mentoring

Student Blogging Challenge

100 Word Challenge







Please visit the student blogs & leave constructive comments on their posts as well.


Thanks you.  As always looking forward to connecting with you, conversing with you & sharing joy.


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2 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Thank You Mrs. Trivedi-Ziemba,

    I really like the ending of the story that you wrote in my blog. It is very thrilling and warm. I actually thought about the ending and it is almost exactly the same as what you wrote. Once again, thank you for finishing the story.


    • Phakamon,

      Thanks for your kind words. Isn’t it cool that we thought of same ending? What a connection between great (:)) minds! I am looking forward to read more stories from you. Keep writing, keep growing & keep shining.

      Mrs, Trivedi-Ziemba

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