Slice of Life: 3 Good Things & 1 you want to Change

Embrace the Art of Life

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, one of the definition of tradition is Characteristic method, manner or Style. Some traditions are passed down the generations, others we start brand new.  When our kids were little, we started a tradition which was aimed at having open communications as the kids grow up.  


Choose KindnessBefore kids started Kindergarten, we realized that having open communication is important at all stages.  Sometimes, when kids grow up, they close off and we need to come up with ways to make sure that does not happen.  We need to pave the way so without prying, kids will share what is bothering them as well as their achievements.  We want our kids to be problem solver.  Therefore, they may share a thing that annoyed them during the day but they have to come up with a way to solve the concern or at least take steps toward it.  We came up with a simple and effective way to achieve this goal.


Suppertime Tradition  of  Trivedi-Ziemba Home: 

Think back on your day. Share 3 good things and 1 thing that you wish was different; share how you will change it.

Today, I want to use the same concept but for the March Blogging Challenge.

Three Good Things that I like about the Slice Of Life March Challenge

  1. Two Writing Teacher for providing a place for reflective bloggers to share their musings and converse with others.  Kevin Hodgson, a shout out to you for introducing me to Slice of Life among zillion other.  It was a coincidence or fate when I left a comment on your blog post and got a mentor in return. 🙂  
  2. Welcome Wagon and return visitors: Writing a blog could be an exercise in loneliness. Thanks Molly, Mark, Brian, Andy, Deb, Carol, Laura, Sheri and Glenda for encouragement.  Having your feedback on multiple posts made me feel heard and acknowledged.  Your blog posts have made me laugh out loud, search within myself and inspired me.  Molly & Brian, I owe you the full details of conference with mom.  Glenda, I did listen to your feedback, even if I did not acted on it immediately.  🙂 
  3. Feedback and conversations with colleagues:  Thank you each and every person who visited my blog.  Your visiting my blog & reading the post(s) is an honor, your leaving feedback and continuing the conversation is a delight.  Similarly, visiting different blogs made me a better person.  It taught me about poetry, life, how talented, tenacious and kind my peers are.  Hopefully some of your knowledge will rub off on me.  Christie, thanks for your grace in sharing the padlet and voicing the need for comments on blog posts.  Jay, Your grit and empathy is a class apart.  I tried to visit each and every person who left a comment on my blog.  Sometimes, it was hard to find you as your comment name and your blog name are different; I can’t find you on Two Writing Teacher’s website.  I also tried to comment on several random blogs each day just because they hooked me by their byline.  Thanks everyone who participated.  We are 300+ strong.  Ye!


Now the One Thing I wish was different & How I will Change it:  

Concern: Shortchanging my family

Solution: Better Time Management – Allot time to SOL & stick to it

FamilyI struggle with time management.  Writing posts takes me wwaayy longer.  I like to read, to know about how others think and  to learn.  As a result, I shortchanged my family while taking part in the March Slice of Life challenge.  There were times when I ignored my kid’s needs while writing blog posts or commenting on some one else’s post.  I want to have better blog-family balance.  The way I will change placing my family second  will required me sticking to time frame and press publish at the end of the allotted time.  I also need to make effort to spend more time with my family and listen to them.  It sounds very easy but it is not.  In order for keeping track of time, I need to use be vigilant of guarding my time. 

Should I say Hurrah?  Should I look back longingly?  Should I pat myself on back for writing 1 blog post each day and sharing it?  None of the above.  The challenge is just starting.  I need to take a deep breath and keep on going.


Slice of Life

I am writing this post as a series of post for March Slice of Life challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  You can find similar posts by searching for category Slice of Life or Hashtag #SOL18.  You are invited to join too.




Slice of Life: Today

Today is the easy, breezy day.  The Spring Break is coming to end soon; 3 more days before back to school and the routines.

Sharing a Slice today is important but difficult.  Is it because the month is ending and we know we are almost parting or is it because my mind has 20 different things I want to share?

Here is what we did today: 


Read books 

Made Journals

Visited blogs & shared feedback 

Tasted first batch of Maple Syrup.  Ye! 

Carted buckets of maple sap 



Homemade PizzaTomorrow, we will collect more maple sap, clean home and color the Easter eggs. For now, we are going to sit back and enjoy the homemade pizza, made by the Superman.

What are YOU up to this evening?  I wish you a quiet, peaceful evening or do you rather prefer a rumbustious one?




Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life challenge where community of reflective bloggers can meet and share their meanderings every Tuesday & during the month of March.  Like Mr. Rogers says, it is a good neighborhood.  Won’t you come & join us too?

Slice of Life








Slice of Life: My Overprotective kids n Me

My kids are …..



….OVERPROTECTIVE and it drives me nuts.


Our daughter sometimes thinks she is my mom not other way around.

I am taking this Georgia Professional Learning Class to add to my GA teaching certificate.  Like my students, I want to make sure my work speaks for itself.  Studying during quiet of night, I often lose track of time.  The 5 more minutes turns in to 2 more hours.  Often, for a while our daughter sits next to me and watches Netflix / studies and bugs me to go to bed.  Sweet ya?  Not really 🙂 

To remedy my staying up late, my kid made this sign for me.


Make sure Mom goes to bed by 10 PM

Role reversal anyone?


This is one of the posts in a series of post for Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.   You are invited to join the reflective writing community every Tuesday and during whole month of March.  You can find similar posts by searching for category Slice of Life or hashtag #SOL18

Slice of Life

Slice of Life: Dance

नाच ना जाने आंगन टेढा।

Literal Translation: Naach Na Jane Angan Tedhha.

Translation: When one does not know how to dance, they will say the floor is uneven   =  Person who does not have knowledge or abilities will blame others or circumstances for their shortcomings.

I grew up in India where being multilingual is a norm.  I am always ready with a proverb or saying during our conversation and imparting my knowledge.  Amaze & I were talking today about how giving excuses tells more about the speaker when I told her नाच ना जाने आंगन टेढा।

As I was talking to Amaze, I realized, Slice of Life moment,  ye!


I have to share how dedicated person will show their craft anywhere and give others happiness in the process.  

Are you wondering about the graceful young lady in the video above? 

Pushakara Chaganti represents today’s youth-mulipotent, humble, grace personified.   She is a Software Development Manager at Amazon.  Pushakra has a goal this year: dancing in all 50 states by end of the year.  What a wonderful way of pursuing her love of classical dance, ya? 


When we are talking about dancing and dedication, I would like to share these videos with you.

Ghoomer is a traditional Rajashtani Dance.  You can see ladies doing it during weddings or Navaratri.  Video above is a song Ghoomar from the movie Padmaavat and the one below is its rendition from Pushkara.



Dance and talent does not see boundaries of languages, nations and occasion. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this 2010 winter Olympics video.


My Meandering mind 🙂  We went from talking about making excuses to dancing on Indian tunes.   Would you like to know more?  Share?  Let us keep conversation going. Go ahead, share your feedback, ask a question, share link to your favorite dance.  Is it a ballet, hip hop, Khon..?


Rajashthani = related to state of Rajstan in India

Navratri = Nine days long festival celebreted across many regions of India.  Each region has their own traditions for Navrathri.

Ghoomer: a Rajastani dance where at several points dancers circle around.


Slice of Life

This post is a series of posts written during March Slice of Life challenge.  Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting the challenge and creating a place where we can share, grow and learn.

Slice of Life: Spring Break

Spring Break


Time to sleep late for a week

No Homework, No Rush

Breath easy Life is Lush


No 4 minutes between one class to next

No gulping lunch in a quarter of an hour

No classes merging into one another

No homework to be buried under

It’s going to be fun n wonder.


Oh! Lovely, Lovely Spring Break

How I need you, 

What will I do?

Watching Netflix, playing games,

Staying late n sharing fruit gems

Reading books without any shame.

Jumping with joy,

Playing with my toys.


Yes, Fun. Fun. Fun.

Dreaming, Swimming, 

Building, Sculpting, 

Nope! No Cleaning!


Walking in the woods,

Singing in tunes,

Making no Kahoots

& Listening to the Hoots


Spring Break, Spring Break.

Stay longer, o Spring Break,

So I can have some slack.


I have plans with my friends,

We are going to conquer the land,

Skyrim, Fallout4, MineCraft and Whatnot,

Spring Break you unite us.


Hide! Hide! 

Here Comes Mommy

With her list of things.


    © Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba


Molly Hogan, Thank you for always encouraging & inspiring me.  I am using your words- copying & pasting below:

Slice of LifeA huge Thank You to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create and amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and Grow.








Slice of Life: Cross out n Create

I believe it was Margaret Simon who wrote cross out poems with her students.   One of my goals for participating in Slice of Life challenge is to stretch myself and grow. With that in mind, here is my humble attempt to write a stanza for a cross out poem that is a message to self using feedback on one of my assignments. 


Design your reflection to locate present

Do a fantastic job to balance components

Create visuals, promote learners


Now your turn to share your poem.


Peace (in creating)

Slice of Life

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting Slice of Life challenge where community of reflective writers meet every Tuesday and for whole month of March to encourage & learn from one another.  You are invited to join too.



Slice of Life: Weavesilk



Yesterday, while commenting on one of the Student Blogging Challenge 2018 blogs where I learned about Weavesilk.   It is interactive art where you sit back and enjoy the art your finger / mouse creates.  

The silk was made by Yuri Vishnevsky, with Music and sound crafted by Matt Jarvis.  The Weavesilk is also available as an app for iPad and iPhone.


Art created by



I bet this will be a nice distraction from grading papers or completing chores.  Now from reading books??  I am not so sure about.


Your turn to share your artwork using interactive tools.  

On a side note, Awesome informed me yesterday that pencil and paper are also interactive tools.  Clever boy!!




Slice of Life

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Slice of Life: Asato Ma Saad Gamaya

 असतो मा सद् गमया।

तमसो मा ज्यओितिर् गमया।

मॄत्योर् मा अमॄित गमया।

ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः ॥

Growing up, school day started with a assembly; each student and teachers joined together for prayers followed by different things each day.  Mondays & Fridays were Virmatiben, Our progressive principal’s, domain.  She had taught my dad as well as most of my peer’s fathers.  Our beloved, benevolent principal had pulse of the kids and love for them in her heart.  Students and teachers lead assembly on other days. Here is what I recall :

Mondays –  Happening @ our school to around the world & its impact on us.

TuesdaysA piece of literature or a talk about a literary figure

WednesdaysPoetry, a skit or on the spur talk

ThursdaysScience talk 

FridaysStudent Concerns. Outside the Principal’s office, we had a locked mailbox for students to drop off a question or a list of questions in it. On Fridays, Virmatiben answered some of the questions along with teachers.  Cool, ya?  

SaturdaysStraight to the group exercise lead by several students.

Yes, we went to a half-day school on Saturdays.  

Each day, we started the assembly with this hymn from the Vedas:

 असतो मा सद् गमया।       Ohm Asato Ma Saad Gamaya          

तमसो मा ज्यओितिर् गमया।    Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya

मॄत्योर् मा अमॄित गमया।   Mrityor Ma Amrit Gamaya

ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः ॥  Ohm Shantihi Shantihi Shantihi

Are you wondering what does it mean?  Let me tell you that you will find similar prayer in your hymn book – whichever religion you are following.  It has a special meaning to me as my Grandpa used to recite this each morning and taught us the meaning of it by living his life following the tenets of it.  It says: 



Lead us from Ignorance to Truth

Lead us from Darkness to Light

Lead us from destruction & death to Life & construction


May peace be prevailed

May peace be prevailed

May peace be prevailed


How did your school day started as a kid?  How is it organized now?  Would you like to share it here or with the supportive Slice of Life community hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Feel free to leave your blog’s url, so we can visit your blog as well.


Ohm = The sacred sound, the beginning the end and everything in between.

Asato = Not Truth   

Saad = good, pure, Truth

Tamaso = Darkness  

Jyotir = Light

Mrityor = from death

Amrit = Embrosa, Life giving substance

Shanti  = Peace  ===> Shantihi = May peace be prevailed

Slice of Life






Slice of Life: Bed Time

Clock, Pocket Watch, Movement



Penciled in: 10 PM

Going to bed: 1 AM

Who needs to adhere to time? 

My kids?

No, It is Me.  


It is 1:05 AM 

I just posted my last assignment for the Reflective Writing Club, a 6 week collaborative experience provided by  Online Network of Educators.  I am happy for my final submission for the project, tired and know that I need to hit the bed.  I had intended to be in bed by 10 PM but it is not happening.  It is late.  I need to be in bed.  There is a long list of things I need to finish tomorrow including dreaded bathroom cleaning.  

Why can’t I pay someone for house cleaning?  Do I want to pay someone for house cleaning?

Tomorrow is a brand new day.  Or is it today?

Well, Good Night, Good Morning friends.  I am off to bed. Finally.  

Wait, I need to publish this post, link it and tweet it.  Dang! 

Soon.  Soon.  There will be morning and smell of freshly brewing coffee.  But before that, let me hit the bed.


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Monster Who?


Monster Who?

What is a monster?






A thought worming in a mind?

Who is a Monster?

One who robs  kids of creativity, kindness and empathy? 

 and the Adults of responsibility & caring?

 Or is a Monster something beautiful but alien to us? 

Something we fail to understand & decide to annihilate?

What is a monster?

Is it lurking under the shadows or hiding beneath our fears?

Is it hiding from us and thinks we are the monster for him?

Monster, a word, a boogie, 

Walk a step or two and say Hello

Does the monster thinks you are a monster?

Will it hide when you proceed?

Who knows what is a monster?  

To a gazelle ran over by a lion? 

To an oyster shattered by a sea gull? 

To a cow getting slaughter for your feed?


               – Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba

I was participating in #Jandoodle where I flexed my artistic muscles and doodled the monster.  Today, I decided to reuse the image and add to it for Slice of Life March Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.   You are invited to join the encouraging community of teacher writers.   For reading more stories like this, use hashtag #SOL18.  If you enjoy doodling, join the #CLMOOC community and show your creativity.

Slice of Life


Paint n Sip


Paint n sip @ Library My Daughter n Me


Today, my daughter and I participated in an Adult Craft night paint-n-sip event at our local library.    This popular,  paint n sip event is offered on alternate months;  it has a waiting list.  The talented instructor provides step-by-step information to create an acrylic based painting while we sip soft drinks and create our masterpiece.  Thanks to Ms. B., the project coordinator at the library, all I had to bring was my daughter 🙂  and I was all set.   

It is fun to compare paintings from everyone at the end of the class.  No two paintings are alike.  Each person brings their individuality and artistry to the painting.    Let me show you the paintings from the artist -instructor & then look at mine above.  Fun ya?


Image may contain: text and nature


Now your turn to share.  

Have you participated in paint-n-sip party?  Would you like to share your creation?

What kind of  activities your local library offers to to its patrons?


Slice of Life

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge.  We slice each Tuesday and whole month of March.  Come and share your slice too.  Hashtag #Sol18








Slice of Life hosted by am participating in Slice of  Life Challenge hosted by Two writing Teachers.  Every Tuesday and during whole month of March, we write & share, we visit other participant’s  blogs, we use comments as mini-conferences to connect.  Today’s slice is germinated from  walking home in recess  by Joanne Toft.  Won’t you come & join us too?


Walking Home in Recess


SOL#18 Lunchbox series-

Walking Home & Trouble

Joanne, you talked about it

As a punishment with sweet end

You are making me think: 


Do kids walk home from School during recess anymore?

Or is it too much trouble? 

Releasing the charges, half an hour or more?  

It is not heard anymore.


I remember, 

I remember, the days when kids were free

To re-access in Recess


Free, Free, Free

To tumble, to jumble and just be

Recess was a joy to be.

Read in a corner? Go ahead & be

Playing to your heart’s desire, Why not?

Talking, joking, Recess is the time to be

Racing home in recess? You are free.


Free, Free do do what you want

Playing time, Rapping time, Napping time,

Jump ropes, Satodiyu & Whatever you do, 

Just come back to class with bell ringing


I remember, 

The recess, the joy!

Sharing our lunchboxes,

in school garden, on terrace,

where ever one wish to sit.

No cafeteria food to consider

Mom’s lunch was the wonder.



Recess Re-access

While I sat & read in corner, 

My cousin did her numbers (in mathematics)

Sis was the one to play 

friend or two ran home to feed the pet.


Glorious recess. 

Where are you?

Without any minders, 

Let kids be kids.

So they can remember 

Recess as a time of wonder.

– Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba





Bibliophile Me


Raising Bibliophile: 1. Surround them with books 2. Read to & with them 3. Give them room to reflect 4. Let them choose the books
Image created using Adletter


We are a family of proud bibliophiles.  My parents were readers and many evenings everyone read together. Our meals were infused with the stories mom told us from Ramayana,  Mahabharat & Shakespearean plays. Grandpa encouraged reading by presenting first grader me with Robinson Crusoe.  Growing up on Bakor Patel and Amar Chitra Katha was pure bliss. 


Cover Page of the Book Bakore Patel: Fun and Fun by Hariprasad Vyas
Image: Goodreads


As a child, while my peers played in school yard, I grabbed a bunch of books and read.  On lazy summer afternoons, I  got lost in a book & went on an adventure.  I was not very good at games and was a somewhat shy kid. Books allowed me to explore the worlds and get lost in the stories. I am not much different today. I continue to read, and be amazed by human nature, grit, complexity and hope.

gita-116Image: The Bhagavad Gita

I read from a wide range of books. I read picture books, comics, graphic novels, YA books, juvenile books, chapter books, bibliographies, self-help books, fantasy, science fiction,….I enjoy Eric Carle as much as Jodi Picoult and Amish Tripathi. I will to read anything from Amy Tan Maeve Binchy and John Grisholm.  Just like many of you, I went to midnight celebrations of Harry Potter books from J. K. Rowling and cried while reading Jacqueline Woodson’s Hush.  What can I say about Tagore?  He, the writer of Gitanjali, the Nobel laureates, the sage poet who knew a child’s heart!

Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time. - Rabindranath Tagore

There is not what I do not read. OK. So I do not read: horror, slash n dash AKA gory detailed, murder mysteries, and bodice rippers style books. Therefore,  no Fifty Shades of Grey or Games of Thorn are banished from my bookshelf . Janet Evanovich & Mary Higgins Clark, you are wonderful writers but your books are not for me.


Read Dog Books. They are good for you.                   Image:Adletter

I shared my book choices with you.  Now it is your turn. What kind of books you like to read?


Slice of LifeI am writing this post for11th Annual  Slice of Life Story challenge hosted by  Two Writing Teachers .   During whole month of March, we will share a slice of our lives.  You are invited to join too.