Day 7

On 2nd day of 2nd week of a brand new school year in a brand new (for me) school teaching secondary mathematics my thoughts keep circling, wondering: 


Are you teaching this year? Starting on a new adventure? Continue on an ongoing one? 

What are you thinking today?


Slice of Life


Thank you  Two Writing Teachers for inviting and encouraging a community of educator & writers to write about small moments in their lives  on Tuesdays. You are invited to join as well.  #SOL18



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What are you reading lately?  If you leave your blog’s url in comments, we can come and visit you as well.




Winners & Losers

My father is a very wise man.  He is also very hardworking man who moved to USA in his 40s,  started over in a new country and never complained once. He and my mom forges ahead with a plan till reaching their goal, no matter what.  They believe in doing the work and giving their best in every situation.


His philosophy is good and sound.  But does it work in every situation?

Nah. There is a place for forging ahead and there is a time to fight back for the change.  e.g., If the slaves and abolitionists have not complained and work toward changing the second class citizen treatment of black people, do you think slavery would have been abolished?  Rosa Park stood up for her rights & refused to sit in back of the bus. It took long and hard work by everyone- the freedom singers, the civil rights leaders and people themselves -for all races to be treated equally.  As a direct result of “complaining”, United State elected Barack Obama, the People’s President in 2008 and again in 2012.  

Your thoughts?


Slice of LifeI am writing this post for11th Annual  Slice of Life Story challenge hosted by  Two Writing Teachers .   Durin
g whole month of March, we will share a slice of our lives.  You are invited to join too.  





Nonjudgement: My Word for 2018





The word I want to guide my actions this year is nonjudgement.   I chose this word for several reasons; highest among them is that I needed to keep my criticism in check and stop being too judgemental.  While trying to be helpful, I was parceling out free advise and jumping to conclusions quickly even when that was absolutely unnecessary & uncalled for. 


Have I stumbled? Am I forging ahead?

Practicing nonjudgement is not a walk in the park.  I still pass comments (Ahem! lets call it what it is- judgements) on Amaze not preparing enough (!!!) for ACT, Awesome for not participating fully or plethora of little going ons during the day.  You may ask: “What has changed?”  First, an informal poll of affected parties have shown that the frequency of my “comments” has gone down significantly.  I am more aware of what passes of my lips & its impact.  Rather than back paddling, I acknowledge the error & course correct.  It gives the minions an opportunity to tease me by hollering “Nonjudgement” every time I err.  It definitely has cut down on hurt feelings.



Nonjudgement quiets the internal dialogue and this opens once again the doorway to creativity- Deepak Chopra


Practicing Nonjudgement has allowed me to take a pause and saved me from being drown in my emotions. Now, instead of jumping to problem solving mode, I try to listen without judgement. Instead of “I told you so”, I offer “what do you think is the best way to solve this?”  In place of “you are right / wrong” or “you should have…”, I say “I hear you.”  


What is your  word of the year?


Peace (and nonjudgement)










Educator Personal Blog Challenge

Why did I join the Teacher Personal Blog Challenge?

Being away from classroom for a while has eroded some of my self-esteem.  There are questions in my mind:

Question in my Mind

Am I relevant any longer?

Do I know enough?

Am I still capable to deliver the instruction in fun & focused way to increase my students learning?

Will I keep up with changing environment where even Kindergartners uses personal learning devices & flip learning is the name of the game?



There are steps I need to take before I go back to classroom.  By accepting the Teacher Personal Blog Challenge, I am taking baby steps to build my “teaching muscles”.  This challenge will allow me to

  • Replenish my teacher tool kit
  • Connect with other like minded individual / group in safe environment
  • Build & maintain Personal Learning Network
  • Recognition & constructive criticism for my ideas
  • Help me with my quest of being the best version  of myself


I am glad you are traveling me with a little in my voyage.  Let us share some thoughts and make the journey pleasant for all of us.