Nonjudgement: My Word for 2018





The word I want to guide my actions this year is nonjudgement.   I chose this word for several reasons; highest among them is that I needed to keep my criticism in check and stop being too judgemental.  While trying to be helpful, I was parceling out free advise and jumping to conclusions quickly even when that was absolutely unnecessary & uncalled for. 


Have I stumbled? Am I forging ahead?

Practicing nonjudgement is not a walk in the park.  I still pass comments (Ahem! lets call it what it is- judgements) on Amaze not preparing enough (!!!) for ACT, Awesome for not participating fully or plethora of little going ons during the day.  You may ask: “What has changed?”  First, an informal poll of affected parties have shown that the frequency of my “comments” has gone down significantly.  I am more aware of what passes of my lips & its impact.  Rather than back paddling, I acknowledge the error & course correct.  It gives the minions an opportunity to tease me by hollering “Nonjudgement” every time I err.  It definitely has cut down on hurt feelings.



Nonjudgement quiets the internal dialogue and this opens once again the doorway to creativity- Deepak Chopra


Practicing Nonjudgement has allowed me to take a pause and saved me from being drown in my emotions. Now, instead of jumping to problem solving mode, I try to listen without judgement. Instead of “I told you so”, I offer “what do you think is the best way to solve this?”  In place of “you are right / wrong” or “you should have…”, I say “I hear you.”  


What is your  word of the year?


Peace (and nonjudgement)