Slice of Life: Election 2016


I voted for Hillary Clinton in both the primary election and 2016 Presidential Election.  To me, she was the most qualified candidate with proven record of public service and results.  Along with many others, I was devastated when the election was stolen from her. 

Today’s slice is brewing for a long time.  Six words slice about voting rights from Kevin Hodgson and the comments on his post prompted me to share my views on election 2016 and the reason Hillary Clinton is not our sitting President at the moment.

Not pulling out a weed now because you don't care about it or don't want to spend time getting rid of it will result in your fighting of a war with an entire jungle later.  _Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba

  1.  Media: Media decided to put Trump front and center when many more worthy candidates were pushed aside and forced to sit on “kids’ table.  The media (again!!) decided that TRPs were more important than journalistic oath and if giving coverage to the least qualified candidate brings TRP, so be it.  
  2. Media: Instead of talking about Hillary Clinton’s work for Children, her contribution to civil rights movement and many year’s of service, the media chose to harp on the propaganda that she is disliked by masses and not trustworthy.  No one stand up for Clinton and asked where the data was coming from?
  3. We, as a nation failed to standing up to Bullying.  Instead of shutting off Trump’s abhorrent behavior or calling him on it, the Presidential candidates kept mum when victim of potshots were someone else but themselves. Supporters of Hillary as well as other candidates were cowed by bullying and propaganda. Ignoring the Weed of bullying resulted in USA getting a bully, a name caller tweeter-in-chief
  4. Hillary Clinton, a strong woman, fail to connect with many many people.  Her strength, her preparation translated as her arrogance. The sins of father, in this case the sins of husband, caught up with her and made many of the constituents against her.  Truth or not, the Democratic National Congress favoring her over Bernie Sanders created a huge backlash against her.  Many of Bernie supporters chose to vote against her so there will be no Clinton in the White house.
  5. Blustering, blubbering, incompetent, bigoted call whatever you call him but Donald Trump did connect with masses.   Many disenfranchised voters found him more relateable than so called career politicians. 


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