Slice of Life: Dance

नाच ना जाने आंगन टेढा।

Literal Translation: Naach Na Jane Angan Tedhha.

Translation: When one does not know how to dance, they will say the floor is uneven   =  Person who does not have knowledge or abilities will blame others or circumstances for their shortcomings.

I grew up in India where being multilingual is a norm.  I am always ready with a proverb or saying during our conversation and imparting my knowledge.  Amaze & I were talking today about how giving excuses tells more about the speaker when I told her नाच ना जाने आंगन टेढा।

As I was talking to Amaze, I realized, Slice of Life moment,  ye!


I have to share how dedicated person will show their craft anywhere and give others happiness in the process.  

Are you wondering about the graceful young lady in the video above? 

Pushakara Chaganti represents today’s youth-mulipotent, humble, grace personified.   She is a Software Development Manager at Amazon.  Pushakra has a goal this year: dancing in all 50 states by end of the year.  What a wonderful way of pursuing her love of classical dance, ya? 


When we are talking about dancing and dedication, I would like to share these videos with you.

Ghoomer is a traditional Rajashtani Dance.  You can see ladies doing it during weddings or Navaratri.  Video above is a song Ghoomar from the movie Padmaavat and the one below is its rendition from Pushkara.



Dance and talent does not see boundaries of languages, nations and occasion. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this 2010 winter Olympics video.


My Meandering mind 🙂  We went from talking about making excuses to dancing on Indian tunes.   Would you like to know more?  Share?  Let us keep conversation going. Go ahead, share your feedback, ask a question, share link to your favorite dance.  Is it a ballet, hip hop, Khon..?


Rajashthani = related to state of Rajstan in India

Navratri = Nine days long festival celebreted across many regions of India.  Each region has their own traditions for Navrathri.

Ghoomer: a Rajastani dance where at several points dancers circle around.


Slice of Life

This post is a series of posts written during March Slice of Life challenge.  Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting the challenge and creating a place where we can share, grow and learn.

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7 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Dance

  1. So interesting to see all the videos of dancing! The juxtaposition of dancing as a metaphor and dancing as literal was fun to read.

  2. I have no training in dance, yet it is one of my very favorite art forms. It blends so much of all the arts–so joyful! Thank you for the interesting and beautiful writing and dance videos.

  3. I love the proverb you shared and thoroughly enjoyed following your thoughts from it to actual dancing. I will check out the videos when I have more time. I’m looking forward to a treat!

  4. I’m regularly in awe of our brains’s creative connecting power, and your slice illustrates this wonderfully. As for the proverb, it reminded me of one from these parts: A poor craftsman blames his tools.

  5. I had a student who danced for the pure JOY of it. Many of the performance days in Drama class, she danced to whatever song was in her heart at the moment. Honestly, she wasn’t a good dancer, but because of the JOY in each movement, none of us who watched her knew that. We just loved what she shared.

    I think all dance is like this. It shares the JOY of the heart of the dancer

  6. Hello everyone,

    Thanks all for visiting. Your feedback is a gift that keeps giving. Natasha, Marilyn and Vanessa, welcome to my blog and meandering mind.

    Molly, Deb & Brian,

    I really appreciate your visiting and encouraging me every day.

    Brian, having proverbs with similar means in different languages is one more way we all are alike than different.

    I am not a good or trained dancer either. I do enjoy watching the dances and dancing in some of them though. There are some dance such as Garba and Bhangra where we can dance away with abundance without any formal training. The JOY lights the way in this case.

    Looking forward to visit your blogs later today and learning with you all.

    Best wishes. Let us continue the conversation after the March Slice of Challenge as well.


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