Sitting other side of the desk

Other Side of the Desk


I am going back to school for Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Sitting on other side of desk is…. 





Hard work

Allow me to have study dates with my kids

Let my kids boss me around about need to stay on task 🙂 


In nutshell, being on other side of the desk gives me a perspective from my kids, my students’, view.  This week I have a quiz and 3 papers due, each 7-9 pages with at least 5 scholarly, peer reviewed references .  (OK. It would have been two, if I had managed my time right and have earlier submission on time. Still working on time management.  

I am learning so much, fast paced and enjoying every minute of it, OK almost every minute of it.  Now, if I have this time management thing under control, then I will be rocking.




I am again participating in the March Slice of Life challenge via the Two Writing Teachers site. The whole month of march, we blog and share little slices of  lives- some we experience, some we find while walking around.  Would you like to join us too?



My Six Word Memoir

Can I sum up my life in six words? 

Actually, I can in three. 

I am a Mom, an Educator & a Learner.   Rest of is just gravy. 


Presenting my six word Memoir


Mom, Educator, Learner That's my lifestory



That’s it?  Nothing more?


Hmmm!  There is a bit more to me.


Here it is: 



What is your six word memoir? 

Would you like to share it with me in the comments below?