Spreading Wings

It is almost 9PM on Saturday.   The day passed in a blur.  The scholars had too much homework, the laundry & house cleaning were beckoning and we needed to visit the library. Long story short, I still need to write and post my Slice for today.  What can I share?  I am scratching my head and a light bulb came up.

How about if I share three blogging challenges that gives the students global audience, connects the educators and their teachers support for classroom blogs?

Student Blogging Challenge 2018

Student Blogging Challenge 2018

The Student Blogging Challenge runs for in each March and October for 10 weeks.  Participating student bloggers complete each weekes activities and connect with peers & mentors from around the world.  They get guidance, learn about blogging and commenting while their teachers get support for classroom blogging.  


The 100 Word Challenge: 

100 Word ChallengeKathleen Morris talks with Julia skinner, the founder and organizer of both 100WC and 5 sentence challenge here.  100 WC is an ongoing free weekly creative writing challenge where students 16 years and younger write a 100 words (more or less) blog post in response to a prompt.  The prompt may be a picture or a series of words. Again, they are connected globally with mentor commenters as well as other participating bloggers.  


5 sentence Challenge: 

5 sentence challenge logoThis free writing challenge is aimed at younger students though it is open to Students upto 16 years.  Similar to 100 word challenge, the students respond to thematic prompts that may be a picture.  On the other hand, students have 2 weeks to respond to the prompt.   If you are a teacher of English language Learners or emerging writers, this is a challenge for your students.


Give it a try.  would you choose to be a mentor commenter or challenge your students by creating a classroom blog? 

Are you participating in a challenge as well?  Which one?  Feel free to include your blog url in comment so we can continue the dialogue.  



Join me and other reflective bloggers.  We write and share a slice of our life each Tuesday and each day during whole month of March.   We share our posts at Two Writing Teachers.  You may also find more posts like this by typing the hashtag #SOL18

Slice of Life



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6 thoughts on “Spreading Wings

  1. I’m a huge fan of participating in challenges. Weekly challenges have helped me develop a regular writing habit. I just finished writing a poem daily for a challenge in February and now, like you, I’m participating in the March Slice of Life challenge. I’m considering an April poetry challenge but I may be worn out by then! I’m going to go check out the classroom challenges you shared right now. Thanks!

  2. I see a crackdown coming on late slicing. As memory sometimes serves, this i s the part of the month it hits and somebody gets tapped to close comments at midnight. 5 sentences might just help,

    I’ve been using 750 Words for writing (where it goes by my midnight, not someone else’s) –good for a writing habit but not on a TWT appropriate schedule.

  3. Molly Hogan’s post sent me here. Thanks for sharing these great writing prompts. My students are slicing every day and we need new ideas.

  4. I’d never heard of any of these before. Thank you for sharing such a wealth of opportunity for student writing!

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