Slice of Life: Cross out n Create

I believe it was Margaret Simon who wrote cross out poems with her students.   One of my goals for participating in Slice of Life challenge is to stretch myself and grow. With that in mind, here is my humble attempt to write a stanza for a cross out poem that is a message to self using feedback on one of my assignments. 


Design your reflection to locate present

Do a fantastic job to balance components

Create visuals, promote learners


Now your turn to share your poem.


Peace (in creating)

Slice of Life

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting Slice of Life challenge where community of reflective writers meet every Tuesday and for whole month of March to encourage & learn from one another.  You are invited to join too.



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4 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Cross out n Create

  1. Fun format, in this case helping distill what matters most. I first came across this method in the writing of Austin Kleon; he called it blackout poetry.

  2. My boys are reading Kwame Alexander’s “Booked” and this type of poetry also appears in his work. I’ve been wanting to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m so glad you tried this form. It stretches your thinking and creativity. Balance is important in life and in poetry.

  4. Thanks for visiting.

    Margaret, Thank you for introducing me to that. I am looking forward to trying out different poetry in April.

    Jackie, I need to show my boy that book. He introduced me to graphic novels, I can introduce him different kind of poetry, ya?

    Best wishes.


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