Don’t Let Mommy Start the Book

Don’t let mommy start the book

or she will not put it away

Five minutes, one more page 

give me some time will stretch for end of the day (or til the book is done)

On the other hand, 

If you want to keep her occupied, 

let’s put a book in her way. 

She can’t refuse, 

she can’t avoid, 

she sure has an affinity for 

any, any, any book in her way.

Lets get her.

Put a book in her way and we can get away 🙂 

I am writing this post as a series of post for 12th Annual March Slice of Life challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  You can find similar posts by searching for category Slice of Life or Hashtag #SOL19.  You are invited to join too.




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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Mommy Start the Book

  1. Me too! My family teases me that when I am reading I don’t hear anything that is going on around me. I find this one of my superpowers, actually.

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