Slice of Life: Crude language


If the words bring marshmallow on the sticks, peanuts on the wok or food on grill to your mind, you are my kind of people.   Come and join me.

On the other hand, there are other kind of roasting.  e.g., Comedy Central has set to roast Bruce Wills in Summer.   Yesterday, while on drive back home from work,  I was listening on the radio about the roasting someone and how it is no holds bar.  That made me  think:

Where are we headed as a society?  

Why these people think use of cuss words in regular communication is acceptable? 

Why are we laughing when someone is saying R-rated jokes demeaning someone’s loved ones?

How are we expecting to raise kind and thoughtful children when we are allowing crude language in our homes?  


What are we doing to discourage this kind of talk permeating our lives? 


The use of curse word does not mean open mindness.  Use of curse word means the speaker has limited vocabulary and/ or have lost control over thinking process and good behavior. -Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba

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