Now, not later



Come visit with me, Call me, text me, connect with me when I am alive. What use is your respect to me , when I am no more?



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7 thoughts on “Now, not later

    • I do not know why.

      In my case, we used to talk weekly then my uncle passed away, she went away for a while & then when she came back, we had fallen out of touch with talking to each other. A day turned into a week, a week into a year & year in 12 years.

      Let us tell our loved ones we love them, let us tell our liked one why we like them.

      Peace (in staying connected)

  1. Molly,

    Thanks for affirming my thoughts. The interaction was between Awesome & Me. Everyday for almost a week, he kept asking about playing exploding kittens & One day I realized that in going about
    studying, running to after school activities and mundane things, I was not paying attention to his voice. I was being apathetic toward his need to engage and just have fun with us.

    I visited your blog & read about your route to Andrew Wyeth’s exhibit.

    Let’s keep slicing & sharing.

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