Today is the day

Today is The Day to make a list and check it twice.  Once I submit this week’s assignments, very first class of Marriage and family Therapy will be in the books.  wow! 


Today is the day to tackle the laundry and start a war on clutter.

Is today the day to go out and shop for more?

Would it be tacking Corona or hording more?

Today is the way to make decision.

Do I need to spend 2 hours browsing or spend it  on whatever?

Today is the day for the family supper, 

Today is definitely the day to cook the supper (and not the goose).

Today is the day to submit that paper

Today is the day to be me, just the version that is better.



#Sol20, #Today

I am again participating in the March Slice of Life challenge via the Two Writing Teachers site. The whole month of march, we blog and share little slices of  lives- some we experience, some we find while walking around.  Would you like to join us too?




Knock brings a hole in my gut, a shard in my heart

Anxious, afraid, unsure yet with a resolve.

Tape, knock, bang on the door, are youn bent on ruinging my future.

Removing my padre from me casa?

ISIS, I am here to stay.

Not to be thrown away, like yesterday’s garbage

Ask me my value,


Me. The Future. The Dreamer. The Warrior. Knock away. I AM HERE TO STAY





L'Heure de tous

How fast the time flies, 
Just yesterday, it was 3/4/15
and before a blink of  the eye, 
it will be 3/4/34

Where did the time go? 
where it will take me?
Lets not think about it, just keep on marching.

Hold on to today and make the best use
Let go of past regret and glory, 
Let's make 3/4/19 count today
Remain steadfast everyday :) 
Image Carlos ZGZ via Compfight

I am writing this post as a series of post for 12th Annual March Slice of Life challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  You can find similar posts by searching for category Slice of Life or Hashtag #SOL19.  You are invited to join too.




Slice of Life



Day 7

On 2nd day of 2nd week of a brand new school year in a brand new (for me) school teaching secondary mathematics my thoughts keep circling, wondering: 


Are you teaching this year? Starting on a new adventure? Continue on an ongoing one? 

What are you thinking today?


Slice of Life


Thank you  Two Writing Teachers for inviting and encouraging a community of educator & writers to write about small moments in their lives  on Tuesdays. You are invited to join as well.  #SOL18



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What are you reading lately?  If you leave your blog’s url in comments, we can come and visit you as well.




Ready, Steady, Go


The school starts in two days.  The kids are ready to embark on a new school year.  Some things are new while others are the same.  With 1 student, 1 iPad initiative, the books are being replaced with technology.  On the other hand, just like in our time, the school day starts way way early. Kiddos need to get on bus by 6:45 AM and start the school by 7:45 AM.  Sleepy kids? Hungry kids?

First day flutters?

After a break, I am going back to classroom.   From being away from classroom, I am teaching 4 levels of Algebra- from pre-Algebra to college Algebra.   It will be fun & challenging year with 7 classes of high school mathematics scholars.   I am excited and want to be the best teacher my students deserve.  First day flutters are normal & understandable.  I have wonderful peers and good support system.  Everyone at the new school is graceful, helpful & inviting. Thanks #Loyalproud.

My goal is to share my journey with all of you.  Come back & visit me. Share your experiments, trials & tribulations with me. Together, we will make sure our kids get the best education to thrive in classroom & life.

What are you teaching this year?

Are you ready for the first day of school?  What have worked for you before?



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Slice of Life: 3 Good Things & 1 you want to Change

Embrace the Art of Life

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, one of the definition of tradition is Characteristic method, manner or Style. Some traditions are passed down the generations, others we start brand new.  When our kids were little, we started a tradition which was aimed at having open communications as the kids grow up.  


Choose KindnessBefore kids started Kindergarten, we realized that having open communication is important at all stages.  Sometimes, when kids grow up, they close off and we need to come up with ways to make sure that does not happen.  We need to pave the way so without prying, kids will share what is bothering them as well as their achievements.  We want our kids to be problem solver.  Therefore, they may share a thing that annoyed them during the day but they have to come up with a way to solve the concern or at least take steps toward it.  We came up with a simple and effective way to achieve this goal.


Suppertime Tradition  of  Trivedi-Ziemba Home: 

Think back on your day. Share 3 good things and 1 thing that you wish was different; share how you will change it.

Today, I want to use the same concept but for the March Blogging Challenge.

Three Good Things that I like about the Slice Of Life March Challenge

  1. Two Writing Teacher for providing a place for reflective bloggers to share their musings and converse with others.  Kevin Hodgson, a shout out to you for introducing me to Slice of Life among zillion other.  It was a coincidence or fate when I left a comment on your blog post and got a mentor in return. 🙂  
  2. Welcome Wagon and return visitors: Writing a blog could be an exercise in loneliness. Thanks Molly, Mark, Brian, Andy, Deb, Carol, Laura, Sheri and Glenda for encouragement.  Having your feedback on multiple posts made me feel heard and acknowledged.  Your blog posts have made me laugh out loud, search within myself and inspired me.  Molly & Brian, I owe you the full details of conference with mom.  Glenda, I did listen to your feedback, even if I did not acted on it immediately.  🙂 
  3. Feedback and conversations with colleagues:  Thank you each and every person who visited my blog.  Your visiting my blog & reading the post(s) is an honor, your leaving feedback and continuing the conversation is a delight.  Similarly, visiting different blogs made me a better person.  It taught me about poetry, life, how talented, tenacious and kind my peers are.  Hopefully some of your knowledge will rub off on me.  Christie, thanks for your grace in sharing the padlet and voicing the need for comments on blog posts.  Jay, Your grit and empathy is a class apart.  I tried to visit each and every person who left a comment on my blog.  Sometimes, it was hard to find you as your comment name and your blog name are different; I can’t find you on Two Writing Teacher’s website.  I also tried to comment on several random blogs each day just because they hooked me by their byline.  Thanks everyone who participated.  We are 300+ strong.  Ye!


Now the One Thing I wish was different & How I will Change it:  

Concern: Shortchanging my family

Solution: Better Time Management – Allot time to SOL & stick to it

FamilyI struggle with time management.  Writing posts takes me wwaayy longer.  I like to read, to know about how others think and  to learn.  As a result, I shortchanged my family while taking part in the March Slice of Life challenge.  There were times when I ignored my kid’s needs while writing blog posts or commenting on some one else’s post.  I want to have better blog-family balance.  The way I will change placing my family second  will required me sticking to time frame and press publish at the end of the allotted time.  I also need to make effort to spend more time with my family and listen to them.  It sounds very easy but it is not.  In order for keeping track of time, I need to use be vigilant of guarding my time. 

Should I say Hurrah?  Should I look back longingly?  Should I pat myself on back for writing 1 blog post each day and sharing it?  None of the above.  The challenge is just starting.  I need to take a deep breath and keep on going.


Slice of Life

I am writing this post as a series of post for March Slice of Life challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  You can find similar posts by searching for category Slice of Life or Hashtag #SOL18.  You are invited to join too.




Slice of Life: Spring Break

Spring Break


Time to sleep late for a week

No Homework, No Rush

Breath easy Life is Lush


No 4 minutes between one class to next

No gulping lunch in a quarter of an hour

No classes merging into one another

No homework to be buried under

It’s going to be fun n wonder.


Oh! Lovely, Lovely Spring Break

How I need you, 

What will I do?

Watching Netflix, playing games,

Staying late n sharing fruit gems

Reading books without any shame.

Jumping with joy,

Playing with my toys.


Yes, Fun. Fun. Fun.

Dreaming, Swimming, 

Building, Sculpting, 

Nope! No Cleaning!


Walking in the woods,

Singing in tunes,

Making no Kahoots

& Listening to the Hoots


Spring Break, Spring Break.

Stay longer, o Spring Break,

So I can have some slack.


I have plans with my friends,

We are going to conquer the land,

Skyrim, Fallout4, MineCraft and Whatnot,

Spring Break you unite us.


Hide! Hide! 

Here Comes Mommy

With her list of things.


    © Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba


Molly Hogan, Thank you for always encouraging & inspiring me.  I am using your words- copying & pasting below:

Slice of LifeA huge Thank You to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create and amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and Grow.








Slice of Life: Asato Ma Saad Gamaya

 असतो मा सद् गमया।

तमसो मा ज्यओितिर् गमया।

मॄत्योर् मा अमॄित गमया।

ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः ॥

Growing up, school day started with a assembly; each student and teachers joined together for prayers followed by different things each day.  Mondays & Fridays were Virmatiben, Our progressive principal’s, domain.  She had taught my dad as well as most of my peer’s fathers.  Our beloved, benevolent principal had pulse of the kids and love for them in her heart.  Students and teachers lead assembly on other days. Here is what I recall :

Mondays –  Happening @ our school to around the world & its impact on us.

TuesdaysA piece of literature or a talk about a literary figure

WednesdaysPoetry, a skit or on the spur talk

ThursdaysScience talk 

FridaysStudent Concerns. Outside the Principal’s office, we had a locked mailbox for students to drop off a question or a list of questions in it. On Fridays, Virmatiben answered some of the questions along with teachers.  Cool, ya?  

SaturdaysStraight to the group exercise lead by several students.

Yes, we went to a half-day school on Saturdays.  

Each day, we started the assembly with this hymn from the Vedas:

 असतो मा सद् गमया।       Ohm Asato Ma Saad Gamaya          

तमसो मा ज्यओितिर् गमया।    Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya

मॄत्योर् मा अमॄित गमया।   Mrityor Ma Amrit Gamaya

ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः ॥  Ohm Shantihi Shantihi Shantihi

Are you wondering what does it mean?  Let me tell you that you will find similar prayer in your hymn book – whichever religion you are following.  It has a special meaning to me as my Grandpa used to recite this each morning and taught us the meaning of it by living his life following the tenets of it.  It says: 



Lead us from Ignorance to Truth

Lead us from Darkness to Light

Lead us from destruction & death to Life & construction


May peace be prevailed

May peace be prevailed

May peace be prevailed


How did your school day started as a kid?  How is it organized now?  Would you like to share it here or with the supportive Slice of Life community hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Feel free to leave your blog’s url, so we can visit your blog as well.


Ohm = The sacred sound, the beginning the end and everything in between.

Asato = Not Truth   

Saad = good, pure, Truth

Tamaso = Darkness  

Jyotir = Light

Mrityor = from death

Amrit = Embrosa, Life giving substance

Shanti  = Peace  ===> Shantihi = May peace be prevailed

Slice of Life






#CCCWrite Conference

I am pa@One Logoparticipating in Reflective Writing Club, a six week collaborative experience offered by Online Network of Educators.  This Post is written as a reply to prompt for Week #2, conference.

Going to in-person conference has multiple benefits.  It allows an educator to network, learn new skills, interact with some awesome colleagues and present their ideas to a wider audience.  Attending a conference may introduce the attendee to rock stars of the field and open up doors they even did not know existed.  Did I mention the goodies we can bring home at end of the conference?

On the other hand, the cost of attending conferences and the time away from family may make attending one prohibitive.  e.g., as an independent educator, attending 2018  NCTM  Annual conference and Exposition  in Washington DC will cost me

Cost of attending 2018 NCTM conference & Exposition

$2485.  Not a small chunk, Ya?  

Does that mean, I stay away from attending conferences? 

No, I do attend local conferences when:

  1. Attending a conference is NOT cost prohibitive.
  2. It does not keep me away from my family for a long time.
  3. It gives me bang for my buck.


University of ScoutingRecently I attended University of Scouting, a one day conference run by Samoset Council of Boy Scouts of America.  This volunteer led conference is aimed at teaching the Adult Scout Leaders and Scouts leadership and personal skills; from Cub Scouts to Commissioners, there is something for everyone.  The Registration fee was reasonable: $11 for Adult leaders and $6 for a Scout.  The commute to conference was not even a concern; a 45 minutes drive each way gave Awesome & me much needed time to talk as well as listen to Heart & Soul by Maeve Binchy.  Win-Win all around, ya?  At this conference, I was a presenter for 3 sessions and a student for 2 sessions.  The learning did not stop at the end of the conference.  I will share the knowledge by offering additional sessions to my troop, mentoring and  sharing during committee meetings.

Conference & Digital  Citizenship:

In past, going to conference was synonym with in-person conference.  Now, digital citizenship allows several alternatives.  Sometimes, the conferences are live streamed or recorded and available at a later date.  Let me share some of the alternatives I came across and may have participated in this year:

Alternatives: 1. Online Conferences 2. Webinars 3. Twitter Chats 4. Blogging Challenges 5. Visit other blogs



Online Conferences saves travel time and cost while giving many benefits of in-person conferences.  e.g., Global marathon, Smithsonian- Symbols of Diplomacy.  

Webinars can be equivalent to a session or a full day conference.  Supporting Students Digitally

Twitter chats can act as mini-conferences and is a great tool for professional development.  I find #Edchat,  #mschat, and #MtBos  good resources for networking.

A finch looking for nutrition on thistle plantBlogging Challenges are opportunities to present my voice to wider audience and connect with other educators.  We can also use comments as mini-conferences. I have reached more educator-writers in 20 days of  Slice of Life Challenge than in previous 2 months.  

Visiting Other educator’s blogs are like attending key note speeches and presentations to gain exposure to ideas.  Kevin and Sam Shah not only teach me something new each time I visit their blog, they make me widen my horizon by introducing me to new concepts and other bloggers. Networking anyone?

What are your views on conference and its impact on you?



NCTM = National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Prompt for the Reflective Writing Club Week 2


What was the last conference you had attended in person?

Attending the

Conferences play a big role in expanding and nurturing an educator’s Personal Learning Network.

  • Discuss the role that attending conferences plays in your professional learning
  • Reflect on one valuable conference experience you had and discuss why you found it valuable.
  • Let us know what happens once your conference experience is over. Do you share what you’ve learned and, if so, how and with whom?



Slice of Life hosted by am participating in Slice of  Life Challenge hosted by Two writing Teachers.  Every Tuesday and during whole month of March, we write & share, we visit other participant’s  blogs, we use comments as mini-conferences to connect.  Today’s slice is germinated from  walking home in recess  by Joanne Toft.  Won’t you come & join us too?


Walking Home in Recess


SOL#18 Lunchbox series-

Walking Home & Trouble

Joanne, you talked about it

As a punishment with sweet end

You are making me think: 


Do kids walk home from School during recess anymore?

Or is it too much trouble? 

Releasing the charges, half an hour or more?  

It is not heard anymore.


I remember, 

I remember, the days when kids were free

To re-access in Recess


Free, Free, Free

To tumble, to jumble and just be

Recess was a joy to be.

Read in a corner? Go ahead & be

Playing to your heart’s desire, Why not?

Talking, joking, Recess is the time to be

Racing home in recess? You are free.


Free, Free do do what you want

Playing time, Rapping time, Napping time,

Jump ropes, Satodiyu & Whatever you do, 

Just come back to class with bell ringing


I remember, 

The recess, the joy!

Sharing our lunchboxes,

in school garden, on terrace,

where ever one wish to sit.

No cafeteria food to consider

Mom’s lunch was the wonder.



Recess Re-access

While I sat & read in corner, 

My cousin did her numbers (in mathematics)

Sis was the one to play 

friend or two ran home to feed the pet.


Glorious recess. 

Where are you?

Without any minders, 

Let kids be kids.

So they can remember 

Recess as a time of wonder.

– Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba





Impact of Digital Technology

 Digital Technology connects us across languages and geopolitical boundaries


I am participating in Reflective Writing Club facilitated by Michelle Pacansky-Brock.  In this post, I am sharing my reflection on the impact of digital technology.  

How has Digital Technology Impacted me – Professionally and Personally?

To answer that, we need to look at my use of technology as a student and as an educator.

Long Long time ago, as students, we were happy to have an alternative to type writers.  While using 5 1/2 inch floppy drives on apple computers we needed to make sure to save the project on a correct drive or retype the whole 35 pages.  By the time I got my second degree, we had progressed to 3.5 inch discs and were talking about world wide web.  In  computer lab, one of my co-worker was excited about a new program, word, that will make writing easy.  I learned about Lotus in required Computer Application class.  Does anyone remember Lotus?? Or Dos or Dot printing?  Talking about this make me feel like a fossil.  

Chalk boards and projectors were the norm of the day.  We flocked to the reference library for research.  Making copies of reading material was not fun, especially there were 5 people ahead of you and the copy machine broke down.   We actually talked to a human when we needed the information.  During final exam week, the my college libraries stayed open till 11 PM; the larger university had 24 hour services available.  Guest speakers travel to campus and in-person meeting was the way to go.

Fast forward couple years when I started teaching. I used smart board in my class. We still used notebooks.  Textbooks and journals were still hard copy and printers still broke down.  Use of  books on CD allowed my differently able students to view and listen to the material.  We were able to share material with parents via email attachments.  Digital learning has started giving  teachers and students opportunities to explore.  Bringing Discovery Education in classroom anyone?  We connected via in-person conferences within the building or traveled to learn from experts.   Having 3 computers in classroom was considered connected classroom.  


Lets look at expansion of digital technology available to an educator by looking at this Symbaloo I have created for Web Walk about.  Click on a tile which will bring you to its website & explore further.

Now, my kids use personal learning devices and textbooks are being replaced with online resources.  hybrid classrooms, Blended learning and flipped classroom is the norm of the day.  We neither required to physically go to the libraries for research /study groups.nor we are bound by synchronicity or physical location.  Like my 50 colleagues for Reflective Writing Club, a learner can connect with anyone on the world to share ideas and learn from one another.  Digital technology has allowed me to become a global citizen in online communities.  e.g., I can

  • Stay connected to my family and friends. Use Skype, Whatapsp or Face-time video so grandparents can be a continue present in my kids’ life.
  • Add on to my Georgia teaching licence via taking an GA Online Virtual Professional course and completing the requirements.
  • In my role as volunteer Crisis Textline Counselor, help a texter who reaches out to the platform by texting 741741 on their phone and bring them from hot moment to cool calm one via text conversation with them
  • Mentor the participating students across the globe in online challenges.  Mentor participating students from around the world from comfort of my home. 
  • Connect with peers and expand my personal learning network by taking parts in Connected Learning MOOCs, Webinars, online conferences, blog challenges and collaborating with peers online.  Hashtag #CLMOOC, #CCCwrite and #SOL18 to see these connections in action.
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel and learn from other professionals by participating in Twitter chats, connecting on social media platforms and visiting other professional blogs 
  • Use of Learning Management System and resources such as Google classroom for better management of the classroom.  Go ahead and click on tiles of this Symbaloo to see how I use Digital Technology in my personal and professional life.  


Yes, these can not replace in person connection.  Just like anything else, healthy balance of unplugging and use of technology is necessary. We can take care of it by picking up a phone and talking to people, meeting them and attending in-person events.  Some people argue that digital technology hampers personal relationship and easy access to Googling has dulled the need to look deeper when looking for answers. I will say to them that we, the user, decides how much entrenchment of our life we will allow to technology. At the end of the we are the master of our choices. We can still allocate time for reading, hands-on projects and encourage students to write in their hard cover journals.  Yes, the digital technology has opened more doors for me but at the end of the day, I am still same person.


Let me know what do you think of the digital technology?     


The prompt asks:

  • Compare your current professional experiences with your professional experiences at the beginning of your career.
  • Discuss how digital technologies have impacted what you do professionally and how you do it.
  • Has your professional identity shifted at all as a result of the emergence of digital technologies? What about who you interact with and how you interact with them?




Reflection on #CCCWRITE

@One LogoJust yesterday, I had started on a 6 week journey of Reflective Writing Club.   The final prompt is reflection on our passage.

My goal for participating in the reflective writing club were: 

  1. To grow as a person and an educator
  2.  Connect with colleagues and learn from them
  3. Challenge myself and share my ideas with peers

What have I learned from it? Have I achieved my goals?

Six week may seem like a long time, but for me it passed before I can blink.  Yes, I did achieve each of this goals a little.  I visited many of my colleagues blogs and gain insights from their knowledge and am learning to integrate technology with sound education.  I am able to connect with wonderful Sheri Edwards and always graceful Laura Gibbs to name a few.  I realized that I have a lot of ideas and yet struggle with deadlines.  

Over the six weeks, I found out that I am spending way too long time forming and publishing my posts.  At times, I looked at the prompt and over thought my responses.  to meet the deadlines, I need to have better plan and time management.  I am a new blogger. Experience, being comfortable in my skin, learning about new techniques  and applying them to my posts will help me.  Baby Steps is the name of the game here.  I also need to know when to tweak the plan and get similar reason.  e.g., while writing Does My Mother Knows My Despair? I was trying to add a picture with text. I spend almost  two hours on learning about it.  I have still not got hold of it.  Rather than spending any more time on it, I decided to modify my plan and added the poem as document in the post.  In nutshell, I need to 

Allocate time to write a post, stop overthinking, stick to the plan, write the post, publish the  post before the deadline

Sometimes, reading the post from my peers was like looking in the mirror of my thoughts; they had written exactly what I was writing.  Then I wrassle with Do I scrap my post?  Do I continue?  At other times, my colleagues had a different way to look at the same prompt.  Who knew a prompt for unplugging can be responded to as un-driving but Laura Gibbs did just that and in the process taught us a thing or two.  I learned that

There are multiple ways to answer a prompt. Be bold. Be reflective. Be free to look at new angles. Share with abundance

Overall, I enjoyed the experience.  I am looking forward to other professional development from @One. 

Are you participating in Reflective Writing Club?  Another challenge?  What are your thoughts on it? 



Beautiful Mistakes


Do not be ashamed to admit mistakes.   Let us  learn from them & refrain from repeating them,   Beautiful mistakes helps us grow as a person.  Reflect on them but don't spend life & dwell on them.


A Beautiful Mistake.

We often do not hear mistake and beautiful in the same sentence.  Michelle Pancansky-Brock, thank you for the making me dig deeepperr and make me go on memory lane to talk about a beautiful mistake in professional setting that was painful at the time that resulted in my growth and development.

Is being a student profession?  Yes & no.  Being a student gives us foundation from which we build our professional lives on.  The mistake I am talking about was from my early days when I was young, inexperienced girl who had a lot to learn from life.  Though it was a learning experience, I do not know this mistake will be considered  beautiful or not.  By sharing my mistake, I am opening myself -warts and all.  The aim of this post is to engage in a healthy, respectful dialogue with my peers.

Long time back,  while I was a new immigrant, the college’s International Student Association was a bridge to students from different cultures and countries.  Encouraged by the enthusiastic and caring adviser, we will meet, mingle, learn about one another’s culture, share our experiences and try to navigate the new country.  For many of us, this student organization gave us sense of community where we belong rather than being adrift in our new environment.  

Standing United

One day, Elsa (not real name) told me, she liked a dress so much but it was out of her budget; being a jew-sharp and frugal- she was going to use her resources smartly.  So she went to Goodwill and bought something else equally good at a fraction of the price of that beautiful dress.  I asked her why she is calling herself a little jew while she was not one?  She explained that “being a jew” means that one is hard working, has a better moneysense and it is a complement.

Couple of days later, I was talking to another classmate, Chaya (not real name) about our families.  I said that my sister is a little jew, she saves all her money.  Though I was complimenting my sister, it was not so.  Chaya took offense at my word choice, “Jew”.  She was very upset & I can’t understand why.  Didn’t my other friend used same word for herself a week earlier?  Why she can describe herself as a sharp & frugal jew even though she is not a jew but I can’t use the same word to describe my sharp, moneywise sister?

Chaya was hopping mad at me & I can’t understand what had I done.  With blazing eyes and loud voice, she told me that “Being a Jew” is a stereotype and an reason for jews being discriminated through the years. To her, I was wrong and needed to make amends by apologizing as well as understanding why the phrase was derogatory.  My being ignorant of the sad history was not enough excuse & though highly agitated, she decided to educate me on history of prejudice against Jewish people.  That day, I lost a potential friend while learning a good lesson about cultural awareness and history.


Being ignorant of cultural nuances is not an excuse. -Purviben K. Trivedi-Ziemba


I am older and wiser now.  I look at individuals and do not lump any race with an attribute.  My interaction with Chaya was painful and humiliating.  It also taught me about being culturally aware and a better person.  I bring this knowledge to my everyday interactions in home, school and community. 



I am writing this post as a response to  Reflective Writing Club Week 4 prompt.




Additional Reading: 

 Jews and money: The stereotype, the history, the reality

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness